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  1. Where are the ORIGINAL SCRIPTURES (OS)? What do they teach? How can we know what God really said? These are the most important questions ever. Most scholars say the OS don’t still exist but then tell us not to worry because we can trust their expertise to recreate accurate translations. Yet why is their “Holy Bible” so contradictory in itself? Is God and Jesus really “the LORD”? Don’t Lords serve kings? Why does their Bibles change 97% of the OS names which are phrases with our Savior’s Name in them? Did our “loving God” really murder millions of innocent women, children and even babies in the OT? Why does God embrace slavery and racism in the OT yet we know it is wrong today? Isn’t polygamy a sin? Why is rebelling against an evil government rebelling against God (Rom 13:1). Was the American Revolution a sin against God? And on and on….
  2. The Answers are in the Original Scriptures (OS) and the “Original Jesus”! First, let’s look at the best “near originals” for some clues! We start with P-46.
  3. p46-gal-vi-10-phil-i-1
    This is the beginning of RomaniYA (Romans 1) in the earliest complete public NT Book manuscript ever found, P-46, now in the Chester Beatty Museum in Dublin Ireland. All Names are over lined. Notice the name of YAHUW in Greek (IHY) on line 6, 11 and the last line. This agrees with Isaiah’s true name (YeshaYAHUW=”Salvation (Yesha) is YAHUW”). 153 Scriptural prophets testify to YAHUW being our Savior! Could all the OT prophets be wrong? YeshaYAHUW was the first prophet our Savior quoted! Yesha (our Salvation) introduces the Character of our Savior YAHUW. Before the name of “Jesus” in 1577, the Holy Empire Churches used Constantine’s “YeaSus” meaning “Hail Sus” which was associated with the divine right of kings, genocide, stealing land, slavery and murder as the king wished. All this was evil and had ruled cruelly in the “Dark Ages.” Then in 1577, God broke through with new light, the new name of “Jesus” and a slow return to our Original Creator’s Character of consistent love. In English, Yesha/Yeshua produced “Jesus.” Indeed, Jesus has now led us to the true Character (Name) of our Savior and Father. They are One. Now that Jesus has led us to the pure Character of YAH, our minds can now believe on Him and receive the Saving Name of “YAHUW”, the Eternal Savior of the prophets and Apostles! The “Perfect” has come.

    For 6000 years now, since it was first given to Adam, only the Original Scriptures (OS) have retained God’s True Word of eternal salvation and purpose, beginning with the first 7 Books of the TorAH (Teachings of AHabi, YAH’s Love) . All OS scrolls were given and are still preserved in God’s original language to Adam, called “YAHUWdith“(or “YAHdi”), the mother of all languages which is 2100 years before Aramaic Hebrew but rarely known today. The ROS Scrolls state 49 OS Libraries are buried “where He causes His Name to dwell” all across the earth! The OS will never be destroyed! In addition, thousands of “near originals”, like P-45, P-46, the Dead Sea YeshaYAHUW (Isaiah) Scroll, the many Greek Uncials, the “Super Seven Greek Codices”, the many Hebrew Torah’s, the TaNaKa and the Septuagints also give us confirmation toward the OS. We believe other OS Libraries also might have 7-75 of the 77 OS Books in them, (the ROS library has 75). More OS Libraries and Books will be discovered. The 76th OS Book (Acts of the Apostles II, 77 AD-YAsarel’s Return)  is being collected now world wide by YeshaYAHUW believers. Almighty YAH’s OS have never disappeared, as most scholars have mis-taught. The Original Savior is called “Yesha-YAHUW” (our Salvation, YAHUW), our true Scriptural Savior.  He taught in MatithYAHUW (a disciple of YAHUW, Mt) 5:18 “The universe and the earth shall all pass away before even one YAod or UWa (YAUW) shall be taken from the Original Scriptures!” Even in the Greek translations, as above, YAHUW (IHY) remains as a witness to God’s promise!

  4. Inspired by Satan, evil empires, kings, bishops, political priests and lords have inserted false and corrupted religious translations in thousands of old translation manuscripts, like in the Holy Bible translations. But no man can ever change the Original Scriptures! Here are a few discerning facts. The OS always copy YAHUWAH’s Name in YAHdi like this- tetrtextThe OS are always in YAHUWdith. They always begin with the “fiery-explosion” of creation, they never contradict themselves, they teach the Ten+Two+Two Royal Laws and they always speak of “YAHUW the Savior.” They never contradict the Ten Commandments written in your heart. The Holy Bible is a 50/50 mixture of divine Truth and Empire Religion. In fact “Holy” is the name of a pagan Babylonian god now worshiped by millions of Hindus! “Easter” is a pagan fertility goddess of Babylon! Dec 25 is Sun god Sus’ birthday, not the OS YAHUW! YAHUW never murders children nor advocates polygamy! He never stones false prophets or unbelievers. He does hate sin and wants us to “kill all sin” in our lives. Killing all the “Hittites” or “Midianites” (Num 31) is about destroying their pagan gods and sin from our lives, not killing actual people. The BibliYA is right but Holy is deceitful!
  5. The Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Yeshua-YAHUW (see YAHUW-chanon/John 14) and the renewal of the OS are now leading His people into purifying and refining their faith for these Latter Days. He is also restoring His True Eternal Nation called “YAsarel.” YeshaYAHUW (Is) 11 teaches about this great restoration which has just begun! The “Root of YeshaYAHUW” that becomes many green “branches” is this “Jesus-YAHUW” massive spiritual movement just begun!
  6. 77 Eastern DebariYAH Scholars are presently translating our first set (75 of the 77 OS Books) of these OS found near the birthplace of Abraham in 2009 AY (After YAHUW), called the Roshuwn Olam ShalemiYA (ROS). But while that exciting work is being done, we English speaking Jesus believers, with just a basic child-like understanding of Hebrew fundamentals, can now actually do our own 50% accurate translations of the OS with our existing traditional Bibles! But you need this basic OS Primer called YeshaYAHUW: Discover The Original Jesus by YAsarel, available at most bookstores about Dec 15, 2017. Or you can order through us with a discount by texting us at 417-598-3826. It shows clearly how to correct thousands of “religious errors” and to correctly interpret the OS using your own English Bibles, even if you know no Hebrew or Greek! This is because the Judeo-Catholic tradition bound translators made the same “religious errors” systematically. Once you see their system, you can systematically reverse them to get to an accurate translation of the OS! 
  7. For instance, “Joel” means “Jo is God!” Obviously this is a “religious error.” The first part of our Creator and Savior’s Name is YA, or YAH, NOT Jo! All translators know this, but fear the traditions of the Holy Church. In fact, there is no “J” in Hebrew, so every Ja, Je, Jo and Ju in the Holy Bible is wrong. But when you change every “J” back to “YA”, you have just corrected over 21,000 errors in your English Bible! Thus “Jesus” is really “Yesha,” “Yeshu” or “Yeshua”, meaning “Savior” or “Salvation.” YeshaYAHUW (Isaiah) means “Our Savior is YAHUW.” Here are a few more religious translation errors.
  8. In the OT, just like the life of “Jesus”, God (El YAH) teaches us clearly. Sin is always black and white. God’s Word never changes. El YAH never changes! He never had two ways of salvation, one with bulls and sheep and another with His Son’s perfect blood. There has always just been one Character for God, for Christ and one Name for salvation! YAHUW our Savior has the consistent loving character seen in modern day faith in Jesus (Yesha) and very different from the Roman Empire “YeaSus.” God is not some cold blooded murderer of innocents or slave monger! He never stoned to death false prophets, unbelievers, adulterers, sexual perverts or even murderers! He spoke against slavery and the religions of man. Like YeshaYAHUW the Savior, El YAH also loves and seeks to redeem every woman taken in adultery. The Yehudi (Jews) blasphemed YAHUW by changing their name to “Yehudi” (followers of Yehu, a counterfeit of YAHUW) and adopted pagan Babylonian laws like stoning an adulterous woman. But YAHUW shows us God’s true way! YeshaYAHUW is our example of who El YAH our Creator, truly is! When the OT speaks of an act or command out of character with Jesus (Yesha), it is speaking either as a parable about “killing sin” in our lives or it is mistranslated by false scribes.
  9. YAHUW, the Spirit of Truth gave us the precious English Name of Jesus to bring us past these last 500 years of many mis-translations by the “Holy Church” and its “Holy Book” fueled by evil kings and bishops, such as divine “Right of kings”, royal genocide of thousands, seizure of lands and homes, torture and murder of heretics, burning of witches, murdering pagans, treating women as slaves, racism, nationalism, colonialism, empire-ism and slavery of every kind! Yesha-Jesus has brought us to understand the OS Savior YAHUW. In turn, YAHUW is bringing us to our true Heavenly Father YAHUW-AH (tetrtext)
  10. The Anglo world was long blinded by cultural beliefs in “divine kings and empire gods” with “the kings divine character” (evil) like often found in “the Holy Bible, the Holy Roman Empire, the Holy LORD god, YeaSus (Hail Sus/Zeus), ISus, Easter (Istar-fertility goddess of Babylon), His Royal Highness kings verses the commoners” and the “LORD god” of king’s who murders, steals, enslaves and promotes polygamy” just so the king can do likewise and still be “god’s anointed!” The Holy Church has retained pagan gods names on eight months of each year and all seven days of the week! It has tortured over 106 million humans. The last World War’s and Hitler’s “Third Reign” of World Catholicism was supported by the Catholic Church in Rome. It has burned hundreds of witches and murdered millions of innocent adults and even children. It has continued blaspheming our Creator’s Character and Name. It promoted slavery, genocide, polygamy, sexist elitism and oppression of the poor. When our true Creator YAHUWAH did send His NabiYA (Prophets of YA), the “Holy Church” imprisoned or murdered them, just as the Pharisees did in Yesha-YAHUW’s time! They were radical about personal freedom and the unchanging Laws of YAH for the royals as well as the “commoner.” They opposed the king’s “divine rule” and their slavery! They were God’s freedom lovers! This was the “time of the Gentiles (Unbelievers)!” The “Holy Church” has long blasphemed (by eliminating) both the Name of our Savior, our Creator and Their Loving Liberating Character in about 50% of its “Holy Bible.” However, let us be grateful for 50% of His OS that El YAH has protected in the Bible and for the OS “7 Guide Words” hidden in our hearts, that lead us to Truth and Yesha-YAHUW.
  11. Why has it taken so long to reveal the OS? The Anglo world had become very pagan under many evil kings. Europe had to get into a teachable hungry truth seeking mindset. The advent of “Jesus” (the English for Yesha-“our Salvation, our Savior”) allowed the emergence of the true Character of our Creator El YAH. The West had to overthrow its “Holy empires”, colonialism, royal murder, slavery, especially female slavery, racism and finally its egotism.
  12. As the “Latter Days” approached, Almighty Loving YAH called 3 passionate “commoners” from three different religions and continents in 1977 to begin searching for His Original Word. After 24 years of searching thousands of manuscripts, they were finally led to one of the 49 Original Scripture libraries El YAH’s prophets have written and buried. This one is just west of the Phrates river near Ur. A team of qualified YAHUWdi translators are now in their 14th year of translating its 75 (of 77) Books. (PS-YAHUWdi is NOT Hebrew. Hebrew came from the Yehudi in Babylon and is full of inconsistencies and contradictions. One letter can often have 5-8 differnt sounds! The OS was written ONLY in YAHUWdith- or YAHdi, the language YAH gave Adam. Please tell all the Jewish and Hebrew scholars this important fact. Aramaic comes from Aram (Syria). Our Savior taught in YAHdi. He was a YAHUWdAH, the first of many to resurrect from the dead! This is why most scholars cannot translate the OS manuscripts. They can’t read YAHdi. Soon, we will begin classes to teach YAHdi to all OS lovers.
  13. As prophesied in YeshaYAHUW 11, the nation of YAsarel, which is our Creator’s spiritual nation within the pagan nations, is now being restored in these Latter Days. “Yisrael” is a incomplete forerunner to the true nation YAsarel, which proclaims salvation to the whole earth. People can now again “call upon the Name and Character of YAHUWAH” and be saved (Acts 2:21). The lost seed of Abraham is rising up all over the earth, in every nation, and being drawn into the Eternal Truth of “YAHUW.” If your heart and mind are also being touched, begin calling upon the Saving Name of YAHUW in YAHUWAH. Believe in His true Character and get immersed in His Name. Email us at …TheOriginalScriptures@yahoo.com .
  14. Catoosa Oklahoma, 74015USA. 
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