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  1. “And we know that NO MURDERER has Eternal Life in him!” I YAHochanon (John) 3:15 . Have you been taught to worship a god who murders? But your your real Creator put in your heart that He does not murder, right? So who can you trust most, the Creator of your heart or the creators of the Holy bible? Well men gave you the Holy bible but God created your heart, right? So obviously trust your heart! God doesn’t murder, especially women and kids! Therefore the Lord god of the Holy bible, Allah, god of the Koran, Sheva, Vishnu, Zeus, Sus, Saturn, Janis, Tammuz etc, since they all murder, are all deceptions! Therefore, these gods have no eternal life in them!

2.  Seven Moral Laws are written in our heart by the Creator! These are part of the most famous code of Law in History, the Ten Commandments. Can you quote the Ten Commandments in the order given? If not, your religion does not really honor God’s Commandments does it? “Hereby do we know that we know Him, if we keep His Commandments” I John 2:3. How can you keep them if you haven’t been taught them? False gods avoid the Commandments.

Welcome Truth Pilgrims!

We are YAHdi, Servants of “YAsarel.” YAsarel is the “Original Israel.” We are called “YAHdi” because we love and follow our Creator “YAH.” The Author of the Original Bible is Almighty YAH. YAsarel is the nation of YAH’s servants sent to help set free all struggling and enslaved people here on Earth, to get out of all bondage. The way YAH ordained this is by first finding and setting free the lost “Seed of AbrAHam” and “unknown tribes” of YAsarel that they may walk in God’s ancient and true Faith. That begins with the Seed of AbrAHam hearing His Call to “YAHliness” and learning His True Original Word!

This begins with getting out of spiritual bondage first but it also extends to health, housing, romance, marriage, family, financial freedom, retirement, business management, beautification, cleaning the environment, diet, losing weight, staying fit, proper rest, sleep and vacations. So how may we help you find success? 

This is the Fourteen Restoration of YAH’s (Creator God’s) true people who are “If My people who are called by My (YAH’s) Character (Name) will submit themselves to Me and seek My face……” (II Chron 7:14). YAsarel is today’s Original Scripture believers who are called to restore YAH’s true Original Character to their faith and His Word! Getting true faith brings resultant blessings back to your life. This is all because of the Latter Day Blessing being poured out for all who love Him with all their heart. “Seek YAH first and His Right Way of Life and everything else will follow! (Mat 6:33).”

See, everybody on earth begins being taught one of man’s “slave religions” which all teach faith in some pagan “king’s god” who has many corrupt evil character mores. Faith in these pagan gods allows evil and eventually death into your family. In most cases, we don’t even realize this is being taught. Take the horrible character of a “almighty Lord god” who murders women and children. You say, “Well I don’t believe that!” But have you been brainwashed with the false story of Noah’s worldwide flood in Genesis 6-8 of the Holy Bible? Here the “Lord god” whom you have probably worshipping and praised, drowns millions of women and kids but saves the cockroaches and rats! What? It seems impossible that we raised in Christianity were raise to worship a pagan god doesn’t it? Our hearts protest loudly that we would even think about worshipping a murderer! How could we trust a murderer for our salvation?

Some of you have seen our websites before but then noticed they all disappeared recently! What happened? The major religions attacked! We had a major cyber attack by several of our many enemies of truth and love. They mysteriously took down all our websites! Slave governments all over earth have been warned we YAHdi are dangerous insurrectionists or even terrorists, cults etc. In fact if you google “YAHUWans” or “YAHdi”, you will find that most religious leaders already hate us before we even introduce ourselves! This is because all governments today enslave their people to some degree! The slave-masters call us “a cult” trying to scare their citizen slaves. This is strange since we are the Original ChristiYAns of Love, but YAHUWsha, our true Savior, prophesied the world’s religions (and their governments) would hate us for a simple reason, YAHdi free slaves! All religions, including Christianity, seek to dumb you down to mental and spiritual blind slavery! Darkness and slave-mongers hate YAHdi Light!

YAsarel and its YAHdi are rising up all over the world! They are a spiritual “nation within the nations” of Original God Lovers standing consistently and now together against the evil of murder, slavery, polygamy, racism, genocide, sexism and religious bigotry. “Holy bible” believers advocate all the above clear evils, but yet they call us “a cult?” Who is the real “cult”? We advocate the Original BibliYA (Books of YA) of the Original ChristiYAns (followers of King YA) who never murdered, practiced polygamy, slavery, racism, sexism, genocide, offensive war, women or child abuse! We follow the Ten plus Two Royal Commandments as a way of life!

The YAHdi Faith is the only faith that can give you “Everlasting life” because it is the only Faith that believes in the pure Character of God, which is the primary meaning of “His Name.” You must get His Character right to find your true God!” Faiths and religions based upon the “Holy bible” cannot save you because they change the Character of their Lord god to evil! Through 4000 years, man’s kings and empires had their priests and bishops change The Original Word so that they could rule the masses with “god’s Word!” That is why YAHUWAH’s Name is not found in any bible which speaks of God murdering women and children, honoring sex slaves (concubines), enslaving folks, subjugating women or stealing land. Almighty YAH never contradicts His Ten plus Two Love Commandments! The Lord god contradicts every one of the Ten plus Two in YAHUW!

So how can you know God for sure? How can we be sure of the path to Eternal Life? Very important and very good questions friends!

First, you can start by throwing out every faith that teaches a god who murders! Second, throw out every faith that teaches slavery is godly! We must become scientific realists, or Truth Seekers. All world wide religions are based on existential mysticism (spontaneous emotional feelings). We looked closely at mysticism first because we were all raised in it but it quickly proved lacking in science and consistency. So 44 years ago, three of us Truth Seekers began to scientifically search for our True Creator, if indeed a Creator God even existed. The answer took us 24 years to fully find. Although many truths were discovered as we plowed through 22,000 ancient manuscripts, it was only when we were led to the long buried Original Scriptures ROS Library along the Euphrates River in 2002 that the pure truth was revealed.

Searching for God is the most complex task on earth. There are many confusing faiths given among men. But hang with us for at least 77 minutes here and we guarantee that you will know YAH your Creator from scientific evidence which is overwhelmingly convincing!

So why isn’t YAH and His Original Word obvious to all if YAH loves us? Well, first, if there is a Loving Creator (LC), He would have slightly hidden Himself if He is Love, right? True Love, by its nature, does not impose its own way! Thus we would expect a universe that veils its Creator right?

Secondly, True Love makes one grow and mature. True Love would design a universe that has numerous signs and guides but one which makes us struggle to find His Truth, right? This process makes us stronger and smarter. THAT WORLD IS EXACTLY WHAT WE HAVE! BINGO! His First Confirming Sign!

They found the Universe is a gigantic TEST to see who is smart enough to really spend the time and effort to SEEK GOD FIRST INTELLIGENTLY! Sadly, only a few have done this in the last 400 years! But in 1976, (a Yubilee Year) three very different God-Seekers began to intently and scientifically “Seek God” with all our heart and mind and money from three different cultures of the planet.

Forty-four years ago, a young American scientist named Rapha Bethiah began seeking to know God through studying biology, genetics and astronomy and came to the conclusion natural science pointed strongly in favor of a Loving Creator. Another scientist named Ibraham from the Middle East and then another named Musa from Asia started doing the same.

Obviously, if the Creator is both loving and has power, then He would have made and preserved His Teachings for us somewhere on earth, right? He would put scientific unknown truths in early scrolls and rocks  long before mankind discovered them, in order to identify them as supernatural, right? Rapha was raised Protestant Christian, Ibraham was Sunni Muslim and Musa was raised Asian Buddhist. They looked for scientific proof that God had communicated clearly and consistently with spiritual mankind down through the ages. The evidence was there but clouded by the many religions.

Independently, we examined each of our own religions and “Holy Books” but we found them often contradicting and non-scientific, largely being the work of man. For instance, in the Holy Bible, it begins with the “heavens and the earth” being created on the first day, before the Milky Way galaxy or our sun. Green plants and fruit trees were created on the third day but the sun wasn’t created until the fourth day. Snakes are not Satan. This is scientifically incorrect.

Rapha also ran into many moral contradictions. The Holy Bible’s Ten Commandment “Lord god” said “Don’t murder”, then turns around and murders millions of innocent children in the world wide flood! The “Lord god” says “Don’t steal” then tells Israel “Go take the land” of the Hittites, Amorites, Jebusites etc. Slavery is evil yet the Lord god condones it along with murdering women and children. Deut 13:15ff even advocates murdering an entire city if there is one unbeliever in it!

The Koran and Buddhism had the exact same creation errors and moral contradictions. We found all the major religions had one central theme; they all protected the divine right of kings to rule their slaves! They were and remain today slave religions, engineered to keep slaves and commoners in subjection under the “divine right of kings to rule” (see Rom 13:1, Col 3:22, I Tim 6 etc.)! Kings and their bishops made the religions of human kings, not Eternal Loving YAH!

These three seekers met while protecting orphaned kids from Al Qaeda suicide schools in the Himalaya Mountains in 1992 and immediately joined forces. In between fights with Al Qaeda trying to kidnap their adopted kids, they examined hundreds of creation accounts. None proved accurate. None began with the “Big Bang,” the emergence of light, atomic elements, hot gases, galaxies, stars and then Earth. They were very discouraged but decided to finish the search.

Then they begin finding some fragments of a small family of texts calling God “Creator YA, Ever Loving YAH, YAHUW the Savior (YAHUWsha) and Almighty YAHUWAH the Father.” These minority fragments were both scientific and morally consistent! Finally, we had our true Loving Creator’s Name, El YAH! The Savior sent from YAH is YAHUW! Further study revealed God’s and the Savior’s full Name to be “YAHUWAH!”

So now the main question burned, “Where did our Loving Creator YAH preserve His Original Scriptures to mankind?” All the world’s best “scholars” assured us they no longer existed! If that was true, then there was no “Almighty Loving God” and Mat 5:18 was wrong, right? What? Almighty YAH made the universe but couldn’t preserve His True Word? We studied 23,000 ancient manuscripts over the next seven years, looking hard. We found that in the YAH fragments, 77 Original Scripture Libraries were buried in and across the Earth!

Then we finished reading the ancient good but not perfect secondary manuscripts and started looking for one of 77 YAH text prophesied Original Scripture Libraries of YAH’s Scrolls. In 2002, we found 74 ROS Scrolls, perfectly preserved! Here is an introduction to the Roshawn Owlam ShalemiYA (ROS) Scrolls called Ha DebariYA Owlam. And how do we know these are Originals from YAH? The Words glow! The Words have been proven correct both historically and scientifically!

Scholars tell us that all of our Creator’s Original Scriptures underlying The Original Bible have perished. Yet according to both the English Matthew 5:18 and the YAHdi/Hebrew MatithYAHUW 5:18, as long as earth exists, so will every letter of God’s Original Word! In 1996, these three YAH God Seekers and 124 adopted teenage sons began looking intently and specifically for YAH’s promised Original Scriptures. Faithful to His Word, YAH led them to one of the 77 Original Scripture Libraries in The Feast of Resurrection (Spring) of 2002 AD.

The ROS Scrolls were buried deep in the sands of ancient eastern YAsarel, near ancient Ur, the birthplace of AbrAHam. These precious Scrolls we call the ROS scrolls but they call themselves Ha DebariYAH Owlam (The Eternal Word of YAH). They are written in the first language of mankind called “YAdi” or “YAHUWdi.” Scholars call this “Paleo-Hebrew.”

While every truth seeker will rightly be skeptical, it is major evidence to the YAH Faith that 50% (7) of the 14 Primary Principles for eternal life are already followed by 96% of all honest people, even though they have never studied the Original Scriptures! That is because our Creator wrote these Super 7 Principles on everyone’s heart! In fact, the only unchanged ancient phrase used worldwide for 6000 years that has miraculously never changed its pronunciation in 5000 languages is “AhleleuYAH” (praise be to YAH)!

Even more fascinating is that all 7 of these Primary Heart Principles of YAH are contradicted by the polluted “Holy books” of the major “kings religions,” including the Jewish Torah, the Hindu Upanishads, the Muslim Koran, and the “King James Holy Bible”! Only the Original Bible Scriptures, The Eternal Word of YAH teaches and consistently applies the Super 7 Principles!

The Seven Primary Heart Principles of YAH, our Loving Creator

Check it out for yourself! Here are the Super 7 Primary Principles of YAH your Creator placed in your heart to guide each of us to Almighty YAH! See if you don’t already believe and follow them! If so, most of you are half YAHdi already!

  1. Protect Life! Don’t murder! Don’t murder especially women, children, babies, surrendered soldiers, the sick and the elderly. In fact, don’t murder anyone, even your enemies. If you have to shoot a thief or enemy, shoot them in the leg or some other non-lethal place. A fetus is the most helpless of all people. Defend babies, including all fetuses. The US gov murders 4000 Americans per day with taxes. (Senior YAHdis hold out paying taxes to any government that murders preborn babies!)
  2. Be faithful to all your pledges. Don’t commit adultery. This includes not allowing multiple wives and concubines! But it primarily means to never let a lovee (woman) or lover (man) down. YAH hold the man responsible for his wife’s happiness.
  3. Earn your land and money. Don’t steal (including using inflatable currency). Work for your possessions.
  4. Speak truth! Don’t lie (give a false witness, deceive). Speak honestly.
  5. Speak positive love and abundance. Don’t waste time being possessively jealous of others or their things. God will provide all your needs if you walk in His Word. Work six days a week making land fruitful and you will get more than enough.

2G-The Golden Social Primary“Love your neighbor as yourself.” All men are of equal value but their beloved women are worth more. This “Equality Primary” (All men are created equal) has led first America and now 70% of the world to democracy in these Latter Days.

The further extension of this is that neither selfish capitalism nor enslaving communism is from YAH our God. We are made to function the happiest by freely loving fellow true YAHdi (bold believers in YAH) with 50% of our heart and sharing 50% of our money (or time) communally for the good of all with each other. The YAHdi (not the Yehudi or Jews) are the only people throughout history that have consistently practiced this. YAsarel has sadly fallen from historical Restorations down to “Yisrael” thirteen times because it followed pagan gods (Ye, Yeho, Yehu, Yi, Baal, Tammuz, Lord god, Hashem, Elohim, etc), got selfish, lazy and quit loving one another as YAHUWsha our true historic Savior showed us.

These are the Primary Social Five+1Gold (6-10+2nd Gold Commandment) of the Social Primaries written on the hearts of both believers and pre-believers by YAH our Creator in order to lead us to Eternal Loving YAH. They are social and the only ones in the hearts of unconverted mankind. Notice how many “Holy Books” teach of a god who murders children (like the “Lord god’s” worldwide flood story). If we follow these First Primaries written in our hearts, we could no longer trust “Holy Bibles” that teach such contradictions and worship false gods. If you follow one contradiction (like tolerating killing babies), you will miss YAH, as do all the major “kings religions” today.

The Set of YAH’s Five+1Gold Primaries (1-5+1G) all deal with the love for and obedience to YAH our God (YAHUWAH) Himself generated in believer’s and “Seed of AbrAHam.” When we get converted to YAHdi AmericAHns, these rightly supersede the Social Primaries and become the most important, which is their proper order for converted mankind. Before we hear the “YAHspel” preached, we only know 50% of number one of the First Five Primaries:

  1. “Therefore get out of Misery! Get out of Houses of Slavery!”

All the following Five+ 1Gold Primaries must be taught to pre-YAHdi. They are not instinctual except for half the First one but they all are essential for happiness and salvation! The 1st Gold Primary is the most important of all. But number one is the prerequisite to learning the other Life Giving Primaries:

  1. YAHUWAH, I am! I am your God! Therefore get out of Misery! Get out of all Houses of Slavery! Get all enslaving gods out of your face! You were born to live free!
  2. Submit to no man. Bow to YAHUWAH alone!  Live free or die fighting.
  3. Never belittle (downgrade) the Name (Character) of YAHUWAH your God. YAHUWAH does not change. This means don’t tolerate or honor religions or priests who teach a god who murders, condones multiple wives, concubines, stealing, lying, racism or slavery. 
  4. Honor the Sabbath (7th) day for YAHUWAH. Rest, study, worship and laugh.
  5. Give honor to your fathers and mothers who provided for you according to  YAHUWAH’s Word.

1G-The FIRST GOLDEN PRIMARY – “Love YAHUWAH your God, with all your heart, all your mind and all your resources.”- MatithYAHUW (MtY) 22:37

The 7 Heart Primaries are YAH’s creation stamp in our soul. These Super 7 will lead us to Almighty YAH and His Original Scripture over the polluted “Holy Bibles” and other books written by man. The 14 Saving Covenant Principles deal with calling on the Saving Name of our God, the forgiveness of our sins and being filled with His AHabe. For more, see www.YAH-GodofLove.org .

To understand the difference between “the Lord god Yeh” and the AmericAHn God YAH, see the Youtube “Finish the AmericAHn Revolution” by RaphA and YAruwsha. AHabe and Owlam from the Family of YAH to you!