Common Christian Deceptions

The following are common deceptions of Christian pastors and scholars:

  1. There are no original Scriptures! If this is true, the our savior is a liar because in MatithYAHUW (Mt) 5:18, He said that the heavens and the earth would pass away before even one letter of His Word passed away! So who is telling the truth? We YAHdi believe in a God powerful and loving enough to preserve His Original Word to mankind. Christian scholars do not!
  2. “Jesus saves!” The name of Jesus first comes from 1534 English Protestants rejecting Catholic Empire “Yea-Sus” worship. Je-Sus means “damn Sus,” the sun-god of Constantine in 321 AD. Anglicans tried to kidnap “Jesus” for themselves and brought great confusion for 490 years to England and the Anglo world. Although the name Jesus never appears in pre-1500 Scriptures, it has been used by the Spirit of YAHUWAH to bring seekers to understand the Character of YAHUW, especially in the last 140, since England and America abolished slavery. For most Christians today, “Jesus” does not lie, steal, approve mistresses, concubines or polygamy, murder, change God’s Original Word, promote slavery or idolatry. This is the OS character of YAHUW! Many of these indeed were done in the early Anglican usage of Jesus, but not in the last 140 years. We believe this progress is because Je-Sus is inspired by YAHUWAH to dim Catholic sun-god worship. Jesus today, does lead us toward YAHUW, therefore “Jesus-YAHUW saves” is true!
  3. God’s Name is “Holy” and to be honored! Just the opposite is true! Babylonian Christianity regularly blasphemes God’s Name! Almost every Church approved translation of the Bible takes out God’s Name and inserts the pagan god “the Lord” in the place of God’s Name YAHUWAH. The “Lord god” serves the kings of Europe’s slave empires. That what “lords” do! They serve kings. There is a “house of Lords” in England today that serves the royal family. The last warning of Scripture (Rev 22:19) warns that he who takes away one word loses eternal life. Christian scholars do this with YAHUW and YAHUWAH over 21,000 times in the translations they use!  In addition, the word “Holy” is a demonic god of Babylon, still worshiped by millions of Hindus in India today! The “Holy Bible” is truly a “Babylonian Book” of “66 stigmas” (666) inspired by Babylonian demons.
  4. God hid most of His Word from all mankind until “Jesus” came! (Adam, Enoch and Abraham were stupid cavemen. They couldn’t read and write even Paleo-Hebrew (YAHUWdith). They only could draw simple stick picture words in “Hebrew pictograph”!) Christian scholars tell us that early Hebrew was written in “pictograph” or little pictures since Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were too stupid to know how to write Hebrew. they get this from humanist evolutionary religion which teaches early man was a stupid caveman incapable of understanding the New Testament. This is not true. In fact, Adam was capable of naming 124 million species of creatures and calling each one by name! Adam was taught the language of God called “YAHUWdith” or “YAHUWdi” (belonging to YAHUW, the Savior) not one of the Biblical key prophets or patriarchs ever wrote in Hebrew Aramaic at all! Aramaic (Hebrew) is a very inconsistent unorganized and pagan language, adopted in Babylon in 586 BC by a pagan offshoot of the YAHdi called “Yehudi” (today’s Jews)! Aramaic comes from Nimrod in Assyria, the enemy of God and His people who are “called by His Name.” God’s Name is not “Hebrew”! It is YAHUWAH. His people have always been called be His Name as “YAHUWdi” or YAHUWans in English. All the prophets carry the Name of the true Savior YAHUW. None carry “Yesus, Isus or Yeasus”! All the OS is written in the oldest language of mankind, a very precise language called “YAHUWdi” or “AbraYA” (family of Abraham who follows YA)! YAHUWAH gave mankind the complete plan of salvation from the beginning, with Adam. He is not unjust, giving His salvation only to people 3500 years after Adam. That would be a cruel and unjust God! Yet you will find YAHUWAH’s Original Word and Salvation only in the newly translated “The Eternal Word of YAH”. Order a copy today by emailing .
  5.  The Old Testament teachings and Laws have all passed away now that Christ has come. If this were true, then God’s Word, like the Ten Commandments and the two Royal Love Commandments would be temporary, not eternal. YAHUWans believe God’s Words are always eternal. In MtY (Mt) 19, YAHUW (Jesus) states “obey the Commandments” as the way to eternal life.
  6. God preserved His perfect Word in the King James Holy Bible. So God and Christ spoke English? Really? The KJV takes out both God’s and Christ’s Original Name 21,000 times. That is not an accident 21,000 times! That qualifies for blasphemy does it not? Again, according to Rev 22:19, you lose your salvation for doing this just once! In addition, the KJV promotes a Lord-god of slave states, oppression, colonialism, murder, theft, polygamy, racism and genocide. Many passages, like Deut 13:15ff, tell us to murder innocent women and children. Is this not terrorism? The KJV, like all Holy Bibles, is a very dangerous terrorist translation. It blasphemes the true character of God, and advocates terrorism and murder! King James beheaded anyone who would not proclaim him as God’s ultimate authority and head of the Church. He had his translators take out “YAcob” and put his name, “James,” on a NT book. He was also a mass murderer of his own people. king James blasphemed the Name of YAHUW, YAHUWAH and “JeSus!”