Common Scripture Names Describe YAHUW the Savior

Dictionary for Scripture Names and Meanings

Catholic name- Original Scripture Name= “Meaning”


Ahvaz- AHuaz= “YAH Owns All”

Aaron- AAHaron= “YAH is The Most High”

Abijah- AbiYAHUW= “The Father is in YAHUW”

Abiud- AbiYAHUWd= “Praise the Father in YAHUW”

Abiathar- AbiYAthar= “The Father YA is Abundance”

Abraham-AbrAHam – “Exalt YAH Father of People”

Achim – YAachim = “YA Rises”

Achiyahu-AchiYAHUW=”My Brother/Family is YAHUW”

Achazyahu-AchaziYAHUW=”Possessed by YAHUW”

Adam-Adam=”Selfish natural man/mankind”

Adam- AHdam= “Men of YAH/Family of YAH/Family of Love”

Adayahu-AdaiYAHUW=”Steadfast in YAHUW”

Adonaiyahu-AdonaiYAHUW=”My Master is YAHUW”

Ahaz- AchaziYAHUW= “Possessed by YAHUW ”

Ahaziah- AhaziYAHUW= “YAHUW works”

Amariah- AmariYAHUW= “Promised by YAHUW”

Ameriah- AmeriYAHUW= “Proclaim YAHUW”

America-AmericAH=”Proclaim the Call of YAH”

Amatsiah-AmatsiYAHUW=”Strength is YAHUW”

Amaziah- AmaziYAHUW= “Our Strength of YAHUW”

Amminadab- AminAHdaab= “Faith in YAH is Liberty”

Amon- AmUWn= “A People/Nation of YAHUW ”

Amos- AmUWs= “People/Nation of YAHUW”

Asia- AsiYA= “The King is YA”

Asa- AHsha=”YAH is the Savior”

Asaiah- AshaiYAHUW= “The Savior is YAHUW”

Athaliah-AthaliYAHUW=”Discipled by YAHUW”

Azariah- AzariYAHUW= “Our Strength is YAHUW”

Azor- AzUWr= “Strength is YAHUW”

Atsalyahu-AtsaliYAHUW=”Set Apart for YAHUW”

Azaryahu-AzariYAHUW=”Our Help is YAHUW”

Azazyahu-AzaziYAHUW=”Strength is YAHUW”


BarEshYA (Genesis)=”Purposing mankind is YA”

Barachiah- BarachiYAHUW= “The Purpose of Life is YAHUW”

Baruwkiyahuw-BaruwkiYAHUW= “Blessings to you from YAHUW”

Benaiah- BenaiYAHUW= “Built up by YAHUW”

Beniah- BeniYAHUW= “Sons of YAHUW”

Benjamin- BenYAamin= “Son of Faith in YA”

Berekyahu-BerekiYAHUW=” Kneel only to YAHUW”

Bethiah-BethiYAHUW – “The House/Family of YAHUW”

Chashabiah-ChashabiYAHUW=”Essential is YAHUW”

Chiliqiiah-ChiliqiYAHUW=”Sufficient is YAHUW”

Chizcqiah-ChizcqiYAHUW=”Our Strength is YAHUW”

Conaniah-ChananiYAHUW=”Forgiveness is YAHUW”

Coniah-ChaniYAHUW=”Grace is YAHUW”


Dalaiah- DalaiYAH/YAHUW= “Delivered by YAH/YAHUW”

Daniel-DanYAel=”Decided for YAH my El YAH”

David- DaUWd/DaUWd= “The Door is YAHUW”

David- DaUWid=”Worship YAHUW”

Delaiah-DelaiYAHUW=”Raised up by YAHUW”

Dodaiah-DodaYAHUW=”Loved by YAHUW”


Eleazar- EliYAHzar = “Almighty YAH is Our Helper”

Eliakim- EliYAkim= “Almighty YAH is raised up”

Eliashib- EliYAshib= “Almighty YA will Restore”

Elijah-EliYAHUW=”El YAH is YAHUW”

Elisha- EliYAsha= “Almighty YA is our Savior”

Elioenai- EliYAoenai= “Our eyes are on Almighty YA”

Eliud- EliYAUWd =“Worship YAHUW Almighty”

Elijehoenai-EliYAHUWenai=”Almighty YAHUW sees us”

Elkanah- ElchanAH= “Almighty YAH forgives”

Enoch-ChanuwkiYAHUW=”Forgiveness is YAHUW”

Eve- CHaUWAH= “The Life-Giver is YAHUWAH”

Ezekiel- YAkazakiel= “Strengthened by Almighty YA ”

Gedaliah- GedowliYAHUW= “Great is YAHUW”

El YAHowliah-El YAHowliYAHUW=”YAHUW is the Most High”

Geroaniah-GeroaniYAHUW=”YAHUW perfects us”

Ghaoaniah-GhanaYAHUW=”Favored by YAHUW”


Hezekiah- ChezkiYAHUW= “Our Strength is YAHUW”

Hannah- ChanAH= “Grace/Forgiveness is YAH”

Hananiah- ChananiYAHUW= “Our Covenant Forgiveness is YAHUW”

Hananiah- HananiYAHUW= “Covenant Favor is YAHUW”

Hezron- HezrUWn= “Our Courtyard is YAHUW/The Way”

Hilkiah- HilkiYAHUW= “Our Way is YAHUW”

Hizkiah- ChezqiYAHUW= “Our Strength is YAHUW”

Hodaiah- HodaiYAHUW= “Majesty is YAHUW”

Isaac- YAsaac= “YA Laughs”

Isaiah-YeshaYAHUW=”Salvation is YAHUW”

Isaiah-YashaYAHUW=”The Savior is YAHUW”


Jacob- YAacob= “YAH Rises Up”

Jacobus- YAacobUWs= “YAH Raises up YAHUW”

Jeaziah-YaaziYAHUW=”YAHUW hears”

Jeberekiah-YeberekiYAHUW=”Kneel only to YAHUW”

Jechdiah-YechdiYAHUW=”Our unity is YAHUW”

Jechizqiah-YechizqiYAHUW=”Our Strength is YAHUW”

Jekoliah-YekoliYAHUW=”YAHUW empowers us”

Jekoniah-YekoniYAHUW=”YAHUW will establish it”

Jeriah-YeriYAHUW=”Shoot/fight for YAHUW”

Jeremiah-YermeYAHUW=”The Resurrection is YAHUW”

Jeconiah- YakonYAHUW= “YAHUW Will Establish it”

Jecamiah- YaqamYAHUW=  “Resurrection is YAHUW”

Jehoa-YAHUWo=”YAHUW is Forever”

Jehoachaz-YAHUWachaz=”Seize onto YAHUW”

Jehoaddah-YAHUWaddah=”Loved by YAHUW”

Jehoaddan-YAHUWaddan=”YAHUW’s Beloved”

Jehoash-YAHUWash=”YAHUW is the Fiery Explosion/Fire”

Jehoakin-YAHUWakin=”YAHUW will establish it”

Jehoiakim-YAHUWyaqiym= “YAHUW Resurrects”

Jehochanan-YAHUWchanan=”YAHUW is Forgiveness/Grace”

Jehoel-YAHUWel=”YAHUW is the Almighty”

Jehoyada-YAHUWyada=”Praise YAHUW”

Jehoiaqim-YAHUWaqim=”YAHUW will resurrect”

Jehoiarib-YAHUWarib=”YAHUW will fight”

Jehokal-YAHUWkal=”YAHUW is Powerful”

Jehonadab-YAHUWnadab=”YAHUW freely gives”

Jehonathan-YAHUWnathan=”YAHUW is the Gift”

Jehoram- YAHUWram= “YAHUW is Exalted”

Jehoseph-YAHUWseph=”YAHUW provides”

Jehosadaq-YAHUWsadaq=”YAHUW is Righteous/is Truth”

Jehosheba-YAHUWsheba=”YAHUW Promises”

Jehoshabbath-YAHUWshabath=”YAHUW is Shabat”

Jehoshua-YAHUWshua=”YAHUW is salvation”

Jehoshaphat-YAHUWshaphat= “YAHUW is Judge”

Jehoshua-YAHUWshua=”YAHUW is salvation”

Jehozabad-YAHUWzabad=”YAHUW endows”


Jeriah-YeriYAHUW=”YAHUW rises up”

Jezeniah-YezeniYAHUW=”Adore YAHUW”

Jigdaliah-YigdaliYAHUW=”Magnify YAHUW”

Jesiah- YeshaiYAHUW= “The Savior is YAHUW”

Jesse- YessaiYA= “Saved by YA”

Jeshiah-YeshiYAHUW=”Salvation is YAHUW”

Joab- YAUWab= “YAHUW is in The Father”

Joash-YAUWash=”YAHUW’s Fire”

Job- YAob= “Servant of YA”

Job-YAUWb= “Servant of YAHUW”

Joel- YAoel= “YA is the Eternal Almighty”

Joel-YAUWel= “YAHUW is Almighty”

John-YAonathan= “YA is the Eternal Gift”

John-YAHUWchanan= “YAHUW is Forgiveness”

John-YAochanan= “YAH is our Eternal Forgiveness”

John-YAUWannan= “YAHUW is Forgiveness”

Jonathan- YAHUWnathan= “YAHUW is The Gift”

Josiah- YoshiYAHUW= “The Foundation is YAHUW”

Jotham- YAUWtham= “YAHUW is Eternally Perfect”

Joram- YAoram= “Eternally Exhalt YAH”

Joram- YAUWram= “The Highest is YAHUW ”

Joseph- YAoseph= “YA eternally provides”

Joseph- YAUWseph=“YAHUW provides/is persistent”

Josedech- YAHUWtsadaq=“YAHUW lives The Word”

Joshiah-YoshiYAHUW= “YAHUW is our Foundation”

Joshua- YAHUWshua=“YAHUW is our Salvation”

Joshua- YAHoshua= “YAH is our Eternal Salvation”

Joshua-YAHUWsha= “YAHUW is the Savior”

Jotham- YAHUWtham= “YAH is Perfection”

Judah- YAHUWdah= “The Door to Love is YAHUW”

Judah-YAHUWdah= “Lovers of YAHUW”

Judah-YAHUWdAH= “Praisers of YAHUWAH”

Jude-YAHUWdi= “The Door is YAHUW”

Kenaniah-KenaiYAHUW=”Planted by YAHUW”

Kolaiah- KowlaiYAHUW= “Called by YAH”

Maaseiah- Ma’asaiYAHUW= “Acts/Works of YAHUW”

Malkiah-MalkiYAHUW=”The King is YAHUW”

Manasseh- ManassAH= “Food of YAH”

Matthew- MatithYAHUW= “The Disciples of YAHUW”

Matthew-MathaiYAHUW-“The Gift is YAHUW”

Mattaniah-MattaniYAHUW=”The Present is YAHUW”

Mazziah-MazziYAHUW=”Rescued by YAHUW”

Malqushe-MalqUWshe=”The Latter Rain is YAHUW”

Meshalemiah-MeshalemYAHUW=”YAHUW perfects”

Michiah-MikaiYAHUW=”Who can be like YAHUW?”

Miqneiah-MiqneYAHUW=”Purchased by YAHUW”

Moses- MoshAH= “Drawn/Rescued out by YAH”

Nashon- NashUWn= “Our Delight is YAHUW”

Nashoniah-NashoniYAHUW= “Our Delight is YAHUW”

Neriah- NeriYAHUW= “My Light is YAHUW”

Nedabiah- NadabiYAHUW= “The Free Gift is YAHUW”

Noah- NUWach= “The Brothers/Family is YAHUW”

Nataniah-NatanYAHUW= “The Gift is YAHUW”


Obed- ObediYAH= “Servant of YAH”

Obadiah- ObadiYAHUW= “Servant of YAHUW”

Paul-PaulUW= “Seeker of YAHUW”

Pedaiah- PedaiYAHUW= “Redeemed by YAHUW”

Pelaiah- PelaiYAHUW= “Our Refuge is YAHUW”

Pelatiah- PelatiYAHUW= “The Rescuer is YAHUW”

Qushaiah-QushaiYAHUW= “Captured by YAHUW”

Perez- PerUWz=  “Our Opportunity is YAHUW”

Reaiah- ReaiYAHUW= “YAHUW Sees us”

Rahab- RAHchaab= “YAH is On High”

Ram- RaAHm= “YAH is Exalted”

Rama-RamAH= “Exalt YAH”

Ramaliah-RamaliYAHUW= “Exalters of YAHUW”

Raphael-RaphAHel=”The Healer is YAH our El YAH”

Rechabiah-RechabiYAHUW=”Prospered by YAHUW”

Redeemer-GaalUW= “Our Redeemer is YAHUW”

Rehoboam- RachAHboam= “People YAH has Prospered”

Rephaiah- RaphaiYAHUW= “The Healer is YAHUW”

Ruth- RUWth= “Friend to YAHUW ”

Ruth=RuthiYA= “Friend to YAH”

Salmon- SalmUWn= “The Completion/Finishing is YAHUW”

Samuel- ShamaUWel= “Listen to YAHUW our El YAH”

Savior- YAsha= “YAH is the Savior”

Saul- ShaUWl= “Follower of The Savior YAHUW”

Semakiah-SemakiYAHUW=”Sustained by YAHUW”

Seraiah- SeraiYAHUW= “The Over-comer is YAHUW”

Shemaiah- ShemaiYAHUW= “YAHUW is The Name!”

Shealtiel- ShealtiYAel= “Seek YA, El YAH Almighty”

Shebaniah- ShebaniYAHUW= “The Prosperer is YAHUW ”

Shechaniah- ShekaniYAHUW= “The Dweller is YAHUW”

Shephatiah- ShephatiYAHUW= “The Vindicator is YAHUW”

Solomon- ShalomAH= “Eternal Peace is YAH”

Tebaliah-TebaliYAHUW=”Immersed in YAHUW”

Tobiah-TobiYAHUW=”YAHUW is Good”

Uriah- UriYAHUW= “The Light is YAH/YAHUW”

Uzziah- UzziYAHUW– “Our Strength is YAHUW”

William- WiliYAam= “The Nation’s Reward is YAH”

Zackeriah-TzackeriYAHUW=”Word-Keeping is YAHUW”

Zadak- ZadakiYAH= “The Straight Way is YAH”

Zerah- ZerAH= “The Rising Light is YAH ”

Zebadiah- ZebadiYAHUW= “The Gift is YAHUW”

Zephaniah-TzephaniYAHUW=”The Hidden Treasure is YAHUW”

Zedekiah- TzidqiYAHUW= “Word-Keeping/Righteousness is YAHUW”

Zerubabel-ZerUWbabel= “Returning to YAHUW after Babelon”