Common Scripture Names Describe YAHUW the Savior

Dictionary for Scripture Names and Meanings

Jewish/Catholic/Protestant name- Original Scripture Name= “Meaning”

Notice most of the prophets pointed to YAHUW. This is because no one can come to YAHUWAH the Father except through YAHUW the Savior. Through His Name we have forgiveness of sin but we should call upon The Name of YAHUWAH for salvation. Notice YAHUW’s Name comes first. This is for atonement for sin!

Joshua-YAHUWshua = “YAHUW is Salvation”

Isaiah-YashaYAHUW = “The Savior is YAHUW”

John-YAHUWchanon = “YAHUW is Forgiveness”


Ahvaz- AHuaz= “YAH Owns All”

Aaron- AAHaron= “YAH is The Most High”

Abijah- AbiYAHUW= “The Father is in YAHUW”

Abiud- AbiYAHUWd= “Praise the Father in YAHUW”

Abiathar- AbiYAthar= “The Father YA is Abundance”

Abraham-AbrAHam – “Heavenly Father is YAH, Lover of People”

Achim – YAachim = “YA Rises”

Achiyahu-AchiYAHUW=”My Brother/Family is YAHUW”

Achazyahu-AchaziYAHUW=”Possessed by YAHUW”

Adam-Adam=”Selfish natural man/mankind”

Adam- AHdam= “Men of YAH/Family of YAH/Family of Love”

Adayahu-AdaiYAHUW=”Steadfast in YAHUW”

Adonaiyahu-AdonaiYAHUW=”My Master is YAHUW”

Ahaz- AchaziYAHUW= “Possessed by YAHUW ”

Ahaziah- AhaziYAHUW= “YAHUW works”

Amariah- AmariYAHUW= “Promised by YAHUW”

Ameriah- AmeriYAHUW= “Proclaim YAHUW”

America-AmericAH=”Proclaim the Call of YAH”

Amatsiah-AmatsiYAHUW=”Strength is YAHUW”

Amaziah- AmaziYAHUW= “Our Strength of YAHUW”

Amminadab- AminAHdaab= “Faith in YAH is Liberty”

Amon- AmUWn= “A People/Nation of YAHUW ”

Amos- AmUWs= “People/Nation of YAHUW”

Asia- AsiYA= “The King is YA”

Asa- AHsha=”YAH is the Savior”

Asaiah- AshaiYAHUW= “The Savior is YAHUW”

Athaliah-AthaliYAHUW=”Discipled by YAHUW”

Azariah- AzariYAHUW= “Our Strength is YAHUW”

Azor- AzUWr= “Strength is YAHUW”

Atsalyahu-AtsaliYAHUW=”Set Apart for YAHUW”

Azaryahu-AzariYAHUW=”Our Help is YAHUW”

Azazyahu-AzaziYAHUW=”Strength is YAHUW”


BarEshYA (Genesis)=”Purposing mankind is YA”

Barachiah- BarachiYAHUW= “The Purpose of Life is YAHUW”

Baruwkiyahuw-BaruwkiYAHUW= “Blessings to you from YAHUW”

Benaiah- BenaiYAHUW= “Built up by YAHUW”

Beniah- BeniYAHUW= “Sons of YAHUW”

Benjamin- BenYAamin= “Son of Faith in YA”

Berekyahu-BerekiYAHUW=” Kneel only to YAHUW”

Bethiah-BethiYAHUW – “The House/Family of YAHUW”

Chashabiah-ChashabiYAHUW=”Essential is YAHUW”

Chiliqiiah-ChiliqiYAHUW=”Sufficient is YAHUW”

Chizcqiah-ChizcqiYAHUW=”Our Strength is YAHUW”

Conaniah-ChananiYAHUW=”Forgiveness is YAHUW”

Coniah-ChaniYAHUW=”Grace is YAHUW”


Dalaiah- DalaiYAH/YAHUW= “Delivered by YAH/YAHUW”

Daniel-DanYAel=”Decided for YAH my El YAH”

David- DaUWd/DaUWd= “The Door is YAHUW”

David- DaUWid=”Worship YAHUW”

Delaiah-DelaiYAHUW=”Raised up by YAHUW”

Dodaiah-DodaYAHUW=”Loved by YAHUW”


Eleazar- EliYAHzar = “Almighty YAH is Our Helper”

Eliakim- EliYAkim= “Almighty YAH is raised up”

Eliashib- EliYAshib= “Almighty YA will Restore”

Elijah-EliYAHUW=”El YAH is YAHUW”

Elisha- EliYAsha= “Almighty YA is our Savior”

Elioenai- EliYAoenai= “Our eyes are on Almighty YA”

Eliud- EliYAUWd =“Worship YAHUW Almighty”

Elijehoenai-EliYAHUWenai=”Almighty YAHUW sees us”

Elkanah- ElchanAH= “Almighty YAH forgives”

Enoch-ChanuwkiYAHUW=”Forgiveness is YAHUW”

Eve- CHaUWAH= “The Life-Giver is YAHUWAH”

Ezekiel- YAkazakiel= “Strengthened by Almighty YA ”

Gedaliah- GedowliYAHUW= “Great is YAHUW”

El YAHowliah-El YAHowliYAHUW=”YAHUW is the Most High”

Geroaniah-GeroaniYAHUW=”YAHUW perfects us”

Ghaoaniah-GhanaYAHUW=”Favored by YAHUW”


Hezekiah- ChezkiYAHUW= “Our Strength is YAHUW”

Hannah- ChanAH= “Grace/Forgiveness is YAH”

Hananiah- ChananiYAHUW= “Our Covenant Forgiveness is YAHUW”

Hananiah- HananiYAHUW= “Covenant Favor is YAHUW”

Hezron- HezrUWn= “Our Courtyard is YAHUW/The Way”

Hilkiah- HilkiYAHUW= “Our Way is YAHUW”

Hizkiah- ChezqiYAHUW= “Our Strength is YAHUW”

Hodaiah- HodaiYAHUW= “Majesty is YAHUW”

Isaac- YAsaac= “YA Laughs”

Isaiah-YeshaYAHUW=”Salvation is YAHUW”

Isaiah-YashaYAHUW=”The Savior is YAHUW”


Jacob- YAacob= “YAH Rises Up”

Jacobus- YAacobUWs= “YAH Raises up YAHUW”

Jeaziah-YaaziYAHUW=”YAHUW hears”

Jeberekiah-YeberekiYAHUW=”Kneel only to YAHUW”

Jechdiah-YechdiYAHUW=”Our unity is YAHUW”

Jechizqiah-YechizqiYAHUW=”Our Strength is YAHUW”

Jekoliah-YekoliYAHUW=”YAHUW empowers us”

Jekoniah-YekoniYAHUW=”YAHUW will establish it”

Jeriah-YeriYAHUW=”Shoot/fight for YAHUW”

Jeremiah-YermeYAHUW=”The Resurrection is YAHUW”

Jeconiah- YakonYAHUW= “YAHUW Will Establish it”

Jecamiah- YaqamYAHUW=  “Resurrection is YAHUW”

Jehoa-YAHUWo=”YAHUW is Forever”

Jehoachaz-YAHUWachaz=”Seize onto YAHUW”

Jehoaddah-YAHUWaddah=”Loved by YAHUW”

Jehoaddan-YAHUWaddan=”YAHUW’s Beloved”

Jehoash-YAHUWash=”YAHUW is the Fiery Explosion/Fire”

Jehoakin-YAHUWakin=”YAHUW will establish it”

Jehoiakim-YAHUWyaqiym= “YAHUW Resurrects”

Jehochanan-YAHUWchanan=”YAHUW is Forgiveness/Grace”

Jehoel-YAHUWel=”YAHUW is the Almighty”

Jehoyada-YAHUWyada=”Praise YAHUW”

Jehoiaqim-YAHUWaqim=”YAHUW will resurrect”

Jehoiarib-YAHUWarib=”YAHUW will fight”

Jehokal-YAHUWkal=”YAHUW is Powerful”

Jehonadab-YAHUWnadab=”YAHUW freely gives”

Jehonathan-YAHUWnathan=”YAHUW is the Gift”

Jehoram- YAHUWram= “YAHUW is Exalted”

Jehoseph-YAHUWseph=”YAHUW provides”

Jehosadaq-YAHUWsadaq=”YAHUW is Righteous/is Truth”

Jehosheba-YAHUWsheba=”YAHUW Promises”

Jehoshabbath-YAHUWshabath=”YAHUW is Shabat”

Jehoshua-YAHUWshua=”YAHUW is salvation”

Jehoshaphat-YAHUWshaphat= “YAHUW is Judge”

Jehoshua-YAHUWshua=”YAHUW is salvation”

Jehozabad-YAHUWzabad=”YAHUW endows”


Jeriah-YeriYAHUW=”YAHUW rises up”

Jezeniah-YezeniYAHUW=”Adore YAHUW”

Jigdaliah-YigdaliYAHUW=”Magnify YAHUW”

Jesiah- YeshaiYAHUW= “The Savior is YAHUW”

Jesse- YessaiYA= “Saved by YA”

Jeshiah-YeshiYAHUW=”Salvation is YAHUW”

Joab- YAUWab= “YAHUW is in The Father”

Joash-YAUWash=”YAHUW’s Fire”

Job- YAob= “Servant of YA”

Job-YAUWb= “Servant of YAHUW”

Joel- YAoel= “YA is the Eternal Almighty”

Joel-YAUWel= “YAHUW is Almighty”

John-YAonathan= “YA is the Eternal Gift”

John-YAHUWchanan= “YAHUW is Forgiveness”

John-YAochanan= “YAH is our Eternal Forgiveness”

John-YAUWannan= “YAHUW is Forgiveness”

Jonathan- YAHUWnathan= “YAHUW is The Gift”

Josiah- YoshiYAHUW= “The Foundation is YAHUW”

Jotham- YAUWtham= “YAHUW is Eternally Perfect”

Joram- YAoram= “Eternally Exhalt YAH”

Joram- YAUWram= “The Highest is YAHUW ”

Joseph- YAoseph= “YA eternally provides”

Joseph- YAUWseph=“YAHUW provides/is persistent”

Josedech- YAHUWtsadaq=“YAHUW lives The Word”

Joshiah-YoshiYAHUW= “YAHUW is our Foundation”

Joshua- YAHUWshua=“YAHUW is our Salvation”

Joshua- YAHoshua= “YAH is our Eternal Salvation”

Joshua-YAHUWsha= “YAHUW is the Savior”

Jotham- YAHUWtham= “YAH is Perfection”

Judah- YAHUWdah= “The Door to Love is YAHUW”

Judah-YAHUWdah= “Lovers of YAHUW”

Judah-YAHUWdAH= “Praisers of YAHUWAH”

Jude-YAHUWdi= “The Door is YAHUW”

Kenaniah-KenaiYAHUW=”Planted by YAHUW”

Kolaiah- KowlaiYAHUW= “Called by YAH”

Maaseiah- Ma’asaiYAHUW= “Acts/Works of YAHUW”

Malkiah-MalkiYAHUW=”The King is YAHUW”

Manasseh- ManassAH= “Food of YAH”

Matthew- MatithYAHUW= “The Disciples of YAHUW”

Matthew-MathaiYAHUW-“The Gift is YAHUW”

Mattaniah-MattaniYAHUW=”The Present is YAHUW”

Mazziah-MazziYAHUW=”Rescued by YAHUW”

Malqushe-MalqUWshe=”The Latter Rain is YAHUW”

Meshalemiah-MeshalemYAHUW=”YAHUW perfects”

Michiah-MikaiYAHUW=”Who can be like YAHUW?”

Miqneiah-MiqneYAHUW=”Purchased by YAHUW”

Moses- MoshAH= “Drawn/Rescued out by YAH”

Nashon- NashUWn= “Our Delight is YAHUW”

Nashoniah-NashoniYAHUW= “Our Delight is YAHUW”

Neriah- NeriYAHUW= “My Light is YAHUW”

Nedabiah- NadabiYAHUW= “The Free Gift is YAHUW”

Noah- NUWach= “The Brothers/Family is YAHUW”

Nataniah-NatanYAHUW= “The Gift is YAHUW”


Obed- ObediYAH= “Servant of YAH”

Obadiah- ObadiYAHUW= “Servant of YAHUW”

Paul-PaulUW= “Seeker of YAHUW”

Pedaiah- PedaiYAHUW= “Redeemed by YAHUW”

Pelaiah- PelaiYAHUW= “Our Refuge is YAHUW”

Pelatiah- PelatiYAHUW= “The Rescuer is YAHUW”

Qushaiah-QushaiYAHUW= “Captured by YAHUW”

Perez- PerUWz=  “Our Opportunity is YAHUW”

Reaiah- ReaiYAHUW= “YAHUW Sees us”

Rahab- RAHchaab= “YAH is On High”

Ram- RaAHm= “YAH is Exalted”

Rama-RamAH= “Exalt YAH”

Ramaliah-RamaliYAHUW= “Exalters of YAHUW”

Raphael-RaphAHel=”The Healer is YAH our El YAH”

Rechabiah-RechabiYAHUW=”Prospered by YAHUW”

Redeemer-GaalUW= “Our Redeemer is YAHUW”

Rehoboam- RachAHboam= “People YAH has Prospered”

Rephaiah- RaphaiYAHUW= “The Healer is YAHUW”

Ruth- RUWth= “Friend to YAHUW ”

Ruth=RuthiYA= “Friend to YAH”

Salmon- SalmUWn= “The Completion/Finishing is YAHUW”

Samuel- ShamaUWel= “Listen to YAHUW our El YAH”

Savior- YAsha= “YAH is the Savior”

Saul- ShaUWl= “Follower of The Savior YAHUW”

Semakiah-SemakiYAHUW=”Sustained by YAHUW”

Seraiah- SeraiYAHUW= “The Over-comer is YAHUW”

Shemaiah- ShemaiYAHUW= “YAHUW is The Name!”

Shealtiel- ShealtiYAel= “Seek YA, El YAH Almighty”

Shebaniah- ShebaniYAHUW= “The Prosperer is YAHUW ”

Shechaniah- ShekaniYAHUW= “The Dweller is YAHUW”

Shephatiah- ShephatiYAHUW= “The Vindicator is YAHUW”

Solomon- ShalomAH= “Eternal Peace is YAH”

Tebaliah-TebaliYAHUW=”Immersed in YAHUW”

Tobiah-TobiYAHUW=”YAHUW is Good”

Uriah- UriYAHUW= “The Light is YAH/YAHUW”

Uzziah- UzziYAHUW– “Our Strength is YAHUW”

William- WiliYAam= “The Nation’s Reward is YAH”

Zackeriah-TzackeriYAHUW=”Word-Keeping is YAHUW”

Zadak- ZadakiYAH= “The Straight Way is YAH”

Zerah- ZerAH= “The Rising Light is YAH ”

Zebadiah- ZebadiYAHUW= “The Gift is YAHUW”

Zephaniah-TzephaniYAHUW=”The Hidden Treasure is YAHUW”

Zedekiah- TzidqiYAHUW= “Word-Keeping/Righteousness is YAHUW”

Zerubabel-ZerUWbabel= “Returning to YAHUW after Babelon”