Comparison of Major Religions

Chart of Historical Ethics in the Major Religions vs The Word of YAH (OS)

                      Judaism /Catholic/ Protestant   Islam     Original Scrip (OS)

Issues according to the           Holy Bible       Koran         OS

1-God created earth before stars?   Yes            yes          no, galaxies/stars before earth

2-Does your God murder children? Yes            yes         no, 1,3,6,11,12 LAWS

3-God created days before the sun? yes            yes         no, sun created before the days

4- Date God gave the Covenant of Love? 33AD  never   Adam, ChaUWah in Eden

5-Murder many to get a few bad?   Yes             yes         never, 1,2,3,11,12 CL

6-God sent Noah’s Flood worldwide? Yes          yes          no, El YAH never murders kids, 6 CL, NUWach’s flood was regional and all children were rescued first

7-Kill enemy kids ok? (Num 31)     Yes              yes        never, 1,3,6,8,10,11,12,14 CL

8-Slavery ok?                                        yes           yes         never, 1,2,3,5,11,12,14 CL

9-Slave kids belong to slave-master? Yes        yes          never 1,3,5,11,12,14 CL

10-Ever owned slaves?                       Yes           yes         the YAHdi faith- no slaves, ever

11-Genocide of enemy ok?                yes           yes          never, 1,2,3,6,11,12,14 CL

12-Stoning unbelievers to death ok? Yes         yes         never, 6,11,12,14 CL

13-Stealing land in war ok?                 Yes           yes          never, 6, 8, 12,14 CL

14-Polygamy ok?                                 yes            yes          never, 5,7, 11,12,14 CL

15-Women own property ok?           no             no           yes, wives own their house

16-Stone adulterers to death?           yes           yes          never

17-Marriage: love “til death part”?  yes           yes          no, true love is forever

18- Marriage under pagan gov?        no/yes     no/yes    no, marriage is under God

19-All Governments created by God? yes       yes           no kings, only Democracies

20-God breaks His own Laws?         yes        confused    El YAH never breaks His Laws or Word

21-God punishes the people for sins of king?(II Sam 24)  yes         yes          never, each is accountable for their sins

22-God ordains “Royal Blood”?        yes           yes       no, all people are equal

23-Change God’s Word ok?               no/yes      no       no, OS Word of YAH is Eternal

24-Inserts “LORD” for God’s Name? Yes          yes        no, 3rd CL, never change OS

25-Pay taxes to murder children ok? Yes        yes        no, that supports murder

26-God ordains rulers? (Rom 13:1)    Yes          yes        never, only honor elected

27-Forcing child brides ok?                yes           yes         never, punishable by death

28-Sex slaves/concubines ok?           yes             yes        no, death penalty, 1st, 7th, 12th CL

29-God passes sins on to children? Yes             yes        never, each accountable only at 20 yrs old

30-Honor the Sabbath Day?          some              no          yes

31-Honor pagan god’s holidays?   Yes                no           no, pagan gods enslave/kill 1,3,11,13,14 CL

32-Poor among us acceptable?       yes             yes          no, forbidden. YAHUWans share

33-Homeless among us ok?               yes              yes          no homeless

34-Torture of “heretics” practiced?  yes             yes           never,1,2,3,11,12,14 CL

35-Study Original Scriptures (OS)?  few               no           yes, YAsarel studies daily

36-Only the English name “Jesus” saves? yes/no    no   Yeshua can bless but only OS Savior YAHUW can forgive sin

37-Use OS prophet’s real names?    few          few         yes, 140 OS prophets affirm YAHUW

38-God will destroy this earth?         yes          yes          no, YAH is coming here to complete the Original AHertz and reign forever

39-Dec 25 Sus sun-god myth ok?       yes      yes/confused    no, lies and myths are forbidden

40-Easter fertility-god myth ok?        no           yes          yes/confused        no           no, Easter is Babylon’s sex goddess myth

41-Observe OS Sabbath Days?          some/no      no       yes, Sab & Feast days are Eternal

42-Repent of breaking Ten CLs?       No            no            yes, repentance essential for Salvation

43-Wives-obey husbands as the Lord? yes      yes         no, marriage is for love freely given alone

44-Believe the Original Scriptures?  no         no/yes     yes, believe 100% in the OS: MtY 5:18

45-All men created equal?                 No          no         yes, YAdi believe equal

46-Pay victims of crime?                    No          no         yes

47- Send 18 yr kids to war ok?          Yes         yes       none under 20, leaders go first

48- Send women to war ok?              yes          no        never, real men protect women

49- Enforces child support?               No           no      yes, bull whip non-paying fathers

50- Caps gov taxes at flat 10%?         No           no       yes, and includes kids education in 10%

51- Leaders get paid the most?         Yes          yes      no, elected leaders get average pay as servants

52- Pimping women ok? (Esther)      Yes          yes      never, sex is for committed pledged true love only