Early New Testament Manuscripts

This is the first page of Romans in P46. Notice IHY (YAHUW) overlined on lines 6, 11 and the last line. This agrees with YashaYAHUW (“the Savior is YAHUW”, Isaiah) and YermeYAHUW (“Resurrection is YAHUW,” Jeremiah). Why then are traditional scholars claiming IHY is an abbreviation for “YeaSus”? They are afraid of opposing Constantine’s sun-god “Sus” in the “Holy Roman Catholic Empire” traditions! Who will you stand for, a mass murderer’s sun-god or your real Savior YAHUW?


The above is P-46, the earliest Greek NT public manuscript (180-200 AD) other than the small fragment P-52 (150 ACE). Notice the name of the Savior is also YAHUW overlined as IHY in Greek, in the 3rd sentence from bottom, left page. You can see it again in the 5th and 8th line from the bottom!

From Strong’s Concordance, the very name of “Isaiah” means “YAHUW saves!” This is the first prophet that our Savior quoted! “Yesha” (saves, is salvation) and “Yasha” (is the Savior) are written exactly the same in Aramaic Hebrew, so both are true. “The Savior is YAHUW” and “Salvation is YAHUW”! Notice how the old and new Strong’s mentions “Yahu” but then the new versions change ‘Yah’ to “Jah” or “Jeh” to favor the Catholic “Jehovah.” This is dishonesty, is it not?

ישׁעיהוּ ישׁעיה
yesha‛yâh yesha‛yâhû
yesh-ah-yaw’, yesh-ah-yaw’-hoo
From H3467 and H3050; Yah has saved; YeshaYah, the name of seven Israelites: – Isaiah, Yesaiah, Yeshaiah.