1)What is “The Word of YAH” (Ha DebariYAH)?

Firstly, He is The Living Eternal Savior YA/YAH/YAHUW in El HWHY. He is also His RUWach guided written Original Scriptures saved on Earth since AHdam and KaUWAH heard it preached in the garden of AHden and wrote it down. In Written OS Scriptures, HWHY emits light. It glows.

2)Why is “YAHUWAH“ important in the Original Scriptures?

Our Creator gives us His Name 7,700 times in His OT and NT Word! Believing on and calling upon His Name is the 1st Gate of Salvation. HWHY is associated with His true Nature and Laws (vs “The LORD” who murders children etc). OS refers to His Name and Nature 24,000 times, more than any other truth except His Ahabi (Unselfish Love)! It is the major teaching of both The Original Scriptures and the SS. It is an essential part of knowing Him and receiving eternal full Salvation (YAHUWchanon 1:12, 20:31, Ma’asah/ Acts 2:21, 38, 10:43). HWHY was written by the “finger of El YAH” Himself on the two Restoration Covenant Stone Tablets given to MoshAH as our Eternal Covenant to Life (ShemAH/Ex 31:18). “Calling upon His Name” is a beautiful and essential first step toward eternal life (Acts 2:21, 4:12). 

3)YAHUWans are ChristiYAns but not Christians!

YAHUWans are followers of YAHUWAH and YAHUW the Eternal Savior-King, also called “YAHUWsha.” The YAdi and Hebrew term “MeoshiYAch” is the original title of YAHUW the Savior used 2400 times in our Father’s Eternal Covenant TorAH (OT). His Name was translated into Greek as “YAHUW ChristUW” meaning “the King YAHUW” in the post-70 AY AHlenic (Greek) texts. “Christian” literally means “followers of a king” but that could be any king. Hundreds of pagan emperors and pagan gods called themselves “the Christos.” True YAH believers have been called “ChristYAns, AbraYA, YAHns, YAdi or YAHUWdi (YAHUWans),” all after our Savior’s First Name YA. YAHUWAH (and OS) calls us “My people, who are called by Our Name” (II Chr 7:14). Western YAns are ChristYAns but prefer to be called our Scriptural names “YAHn” or “YAHUWan.” When YAHns pledge to The Covenant of Life, we convert to be YAHUWans as Covenant followers of YAHUW. Only YAHUW can lead us to YAHUWAH the Father. YAHUWans are “Nazari Bereith” (Keepers of The Covenant), not sinless by actions but perfect through faith in YAHUW.


4)Why is God named “YAHUWAH” rather than the traditional Jehovah or Yahweh?

  • 140 Prophet’s original names carry YAH and YAHUW in their real names! YashaYAHUW (Isaiah) means “The Savior is YAHUW.” Our Savior quoted him most. If YashaYAHUW is wrong and then the Savior was wrong also and we have no Savior and the Scriptures are a lie. No prophet’s name carries Jehov or “Yahwe”!
  • “AHleleU-YAH” (praise be to YAH) is the oldest and only still spoken worldwide phrase which has never been mispronounced in the 6000 years of spoken history! It carries all the letters-sounds of YA-AH-UW-AH. It is never “Ahlelo-Jeho” (if Jehovah were right) or “Ehlelewe-Yeh” (if Yahweh were right). There is no “J”, “V” or “weh” in ancient YAHUWdi/AbraUW (Paleo-Hebrew) or Ibri/Hebrew. El YAH has protected His Eternal Name for 6000 years for all seekers of truth with living recorders!
  • 240 Scriptural names and places carry “YAH.” None carry “Jehov” or “Yahwe.”
  • The fourth letter “AH” (hey) is exactly the same as the fourth letter, – an “AH” not “eh”.
  • The tribe of “YAHUWdAH” (the Door to HWHY) is spelled Pull out the “d” (d) ) and you get “YAHUWAH.”
  • All the present day names of nations and continents which end in “ia” still carry the ancient pronunciation “YA” (not ‘weh’), as AsiYA, IndiYA, RussiYA, and IndonesiYA. EphesiYA 3:15 states this phonetic link to all people groups and ancient regional names.
  • “YAHUWdaia” means “the land of the YAHUWdi (followers of YAHUW, YAHUWans).” It is never “Jehovdaia”, “Jesusdaia”, “Jehodaia” nor “Lordaia”! The pure evidence is irrefutable for “YAHUWAH” being His Original Eternal Saving Name.

 5)Why “YAsarel” rather than “Israel” or “Yisrael?”

“Sar” is YAHn (and also Aramaic and Hebrew) for “reigns” or “rules,” as in SarAH. YA-sar-el means “YA Reigns/Rules as El YAH.” “I-sra-el” means “I Rule as El YAH.” “Yi-sra-el” is poor Hebrew for “Ye Rules as El YAH.” So who do you worship? Who rules? Who is the true nation and people of YA/YAH/YAHUW/YAHUWAH?

6)Why “AbraYA-AbraUW” rather than “Hebrews” (“Ibri”).

“AbraYA” yrba and “AbraUW” wrba mean “AbrAHam’s YAns.” It is the Scriptural name for believers since AbrAHam. Only a Partial-Covenant was with “Eber” (Ibri, EberUWs) but the Full Eternal Covenant was chosen by AbrAHam who worshipped  HWHY through YAHUW. The 500 year old name “HebreW” is a sign name to “AbraYA-AbraUW-AbraYAHUW”.

 7)Why “YAHUWdAH” and “YAHUWdi” rather than “Jew” and “Jews”?

“Jew/Jews” never occur in the SS or OS. In fact, the word “Jews” first appears in any translation until around 1560, less than 500 years ago! The YAsarel-Servant’s tribe was and still is “The YAHUWdAH.” They were the most faithful tribe of YAsarel and their blood is intermixed from all the “Chosen Seed of AbrAHam ” today. True YAHUWdi (YAHUWans) all carry His Saving Name, just as YAHUW carried His Father’s Name. “Jew,” when exchanged for the Scriptural YAHUWdAH, belittles “YAHUWAH” by “adding to and taking away” from The Eternal Word of YAH. The Yehudi Rabbi, Christian scholars and the Islamic Mullahs have been deceived by foreign priests into changing their true Savior’s tribal name from YAHUWdAH to Yehudah, then to Yehudi, to Yeuwd and then finally to the modern “Jew.” Our prayer is for Jewish and Arabian blood to seek God first and to return to the faith of our common fathers AbrAHam, YAsaac, YAacob, the TorAH, the NabiYA, and the MeoshiYAch-AHmadi back to “Ha DebariYA.” Let every Seeker of El YAH return to the true Faith of our fathers; back to El YAH of ancient YAsarel, and His Eternal Word and Laws.

8)Why “YArushalem/ YArushalom” rather than “Yerushalom” or “Jerusalem”?

“Shalem” means “complete” or “to perfect.” “Shalom” means “Peace,” “ru” is for “ruwm” meaning exalted and intimate. So who is exalted and perfect, El YA or “Ye” or “Je”? Who is to be praised in His capital city YArushalem singing “AHleleuYA” but Almighty YA?

9)What about the name “Yeshua” for The Savior?

“Yeshua” is a YAdi and Hebrew word for “salvation.” “YAshua” (Joshua) is the YAdi and Hebrew Aramaic for “YA Saves.” Yeshua is indeed our salvation but it is not the Unique Eternal Name of the Savior. “Yeshua” was used by Nimrod to create a competing god to YA/YAH/YAHUW he called “Ye/ Yeh and Yeho. He made “Yeshua” into an abbreviation for “Yeho saves” as in the pagan name “Yeho-vah” (love Yeho).

The NabiYA (Prophets of YA) never talked about a “YashaYeshua” (or YashaYeho), only about YashaYAHUW (the Savior is YAHUW) and YeshaYAHUW (Salvation is YAHUW)! YAHUW is indeed “our Salvation” However, salvation in YAHdi, Aramaic, Pharsee and Arabic is “YAshuah.” “Savior” is the word “Yasha” as in “EliYAsha.” “Redeemer” is “MeschiYA” (from MeschiYAach). Around 830 AD, the Yehudii rabbii created the acronym “Yemach Shemo UzekrA” using YeShUA meaning “make his name be destroyed!” Many Christian scholars have been deceived into this, mistaking Yeshua for “IHC” (YAHshua) in the AHlenic texts. “Yeshua” for our Savior’s Name occurs in no text we have seen dating earlier than 1200 AY (After YAHUW). Yeshua still remains a Hebrew title for “salvation” but Jewish priests CHANGED our Savior’s character, aligning it with the “Slave Religion” of Nimrod’s Yeho and other pagan gods.

The Jews/Catholics/Protestants and Messianics still honor Nimrod’s Aramaic “Yeho-shua” today. See the Jewish bible under Joshua’s name. Any substitute for the true Savior YAHUW (The Way of YAH), no matter how good a title substitute, always changes YAHUW our Savior’s Eternal Character as well as His Name and blocks blessings from our lives. Tragically, although many smart committed 1500-1570 reformation leaders were on track to discovering “YAHUW ChristUW”  (IU XU or IYU XPY) in the Majority Text AHlenic manuscripts, they failed to defend their families (following the Slave Religion translation of Mt 5-7) and were slaughtered in the violent Reformation by both Catholic and militant Protestant armies. The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) produced the first Bible translations using “Jesus” beginning in 1534 AY. The scholar Erasmus’ followed the Catholic invented Latin text where he inserted the Vulgate’s “Iesus” (INCUC) in place of the Greek text “YAHUW” (IHY) and YAHUWsha (IHC).

The International Bible Society still prints their eclectic version of Erasmus corrupt compiled “Greek NT” even today! Erasmus spread his corruption to Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin and the unsuspecting English reformationist William Tyndale and Roger Williams. None of these good men read Greek or Hebrew but rather trusted the spurious translation of Erasmus. Erasmus dedicated his translation to the Pope!

 10)Why true believers should not use “Lord, Heer, Herre, SenôrBwana, Here, Tuhan, etc” as a name or title for Father El YAH or our Savior YAHUW?

First, the title “Lord” never occurs in any Scripture before Catholicism (321 AD)! AdonaiYA means “The Master YA”, not “the Lord.” Secondly, “Lords” serve English kings. Lords are mere men! Our Savior is “The King over all kings,” not a mere “Lord!” English kings do not rule over our Creator! In fact, they do not even rule over the English people any more, except as an expensive tourist tradition! ‘Heer’ (Herre) was the Olympian queen of the gods and the goddess of women, sex and love. Herre was married to Sus (Zeus). Lord, senôr, bwana, tuhan, heer, monsieur and herre all equate our Creator and Redeemer to the title of a mere man! YAHUWAH is our Unique Forever Father and Only Savior!

We are to bow only before YAHUWAH! Never to mere men! There is none like El YAH! English, Germans, Europeans, Africans, South Americans and Asians  daily call themselves Lord, Heer, Herre, Monsieur, Bwana, Senôr, or Tuhan. Are they also Almighty Gods and Eternal Saviors too? Of course not! Who says “My God is our 1st Lieutenant? Or “My Savior is my estate manager?” Neither is the Creator our mere “Lord”! “The Lord god” is not our Creator and our great Savior. The Lord god enslaves the common man and woman under the kings and governments of man. YAHUWAH forbids that in His First Covenant Law!

11)El YAH’s AhabiYA (Unselfish Love of YA) seeks to convert every honest Seeker!

In all religions and regions, there are many who sincerely “love God,” pray and seek for eternal truth. Some know the soft loving testimony of  the Spirit of YAHUW in various degrees before they encounter YAHUWAH’s Sinless Character and Name, His Original Covenant Word or experience full conversion to The Way. These are the ones who only partially “know His Voice” but rejoice over their partial OS truths which comes from the from their Super 7 Guides which YAH IMPLANTED in their own heart. The counterfeits and pretenders, led by demonic spirits, will fight Scriptural Truths, defending popular ancient religious myths.

Therefore, expect to find some worshipping confusedly in The Spirit of El YAH but unknowingly using the false names and even pagan customs of Nimrods gods Ye and Yeho (like worshipping god as a murderer of women and children). Yet about one third will qualify to receive the Call of YAHUW to Eternal Covenant because they seek for truth with sincere hearts!

Most important, true seekers do not practice lies (like Babylonian sex goddess Easter or Greek sungod Sus’ Dec 25 birthday). When they discover truth, they repent of that falsehood and begin immediately to practice the new truth. Practicing any lie over and over blocks one from being able to hear more truth from our Creator.

YAHUWAH is Pure AhabiYA (YAH’s sacrificial Love). YAH never fails. He is building an Eternal Family of Covenant People who love YAHUWAH and each other. He made you to be part of the “House of YAH” (BethYAH). He will find a way to convert every true seeker into His wonderful Forever Family no matter how long it takes to convert that “seeker” into a full YAHUWdi. He will save all who will honestly seek Him and eternal truth. Just like a Loving Father, He never gives up on His children as long as there is one breath left in their life.

Just don’t die without faith in YAH and His Covenant of Life! “YAH’s Love never fails!” Seek and you will find! Welcome to The Great Family of Truth Seekers. Truth seekers, welcome home to YAsarel-Latter Day and to your Forever Family!