Old Testament Manuscripts

This is TehaleYAim (Psalms) from the famous Dead Sea Scrolls. Notice the distinctive YAHUWdith (YAdi) font for YAHUWAH found 7 times here. The text is a translation into Aramaic (Syrian) Ibrew, the language of the Yehudi (Jews) adopted while in Babylon (586 BC-today), but the 200 BC Yehudi, even with their rabbinic corruptions, had respect for YAHUWAH’s Name as to copy it in it’s original form, written by the finger of YAHUWAH. This is a sign til today of an accurate translation of God’s Word.
This is a 150 BC Scripture fragment of the Greek Septuagint (OT). Notice the arrow points to YAHUWAH’s Name retained in its original YAdi (AbraYA) form. In direct disobedience to Revelation 22:19, today’s Christian Babylonian Bibles take out YAHUWAH’s Name and replace it with “the LORD.” These that do this, are taken out of the Book of Life and the Sacred City. If you have a Holy Bible that does this, burn it or trash it immediately! Blaspheming and belittling God’s Name brings sickness and death!