RaphA BethYAH

Hello again Truth Seekers! This is RaphA again! We are back! Some very techie enemies erased all our websites illegally and actually stole our number one website www.OriginalScriptures.com . But we are back with TheOriginalScriptures.org and YAH-GodofLove.com .

We are preparing a whole library of teachings in Youtube under “The Original Scriptures” for the world to enjoy! We will soon be making our first movie about the discovery of the Original Scriptures and the battle to make it known against the best efforts of the most powerful well funded business in world history, Judeo-Catholic and Protestant Christianity! We have recieved numerous death threats from these leaders. We will stop speaking of our Great YAH’s True Word when we no longer breathe!

You enemies of YAHUWAH and of Truth, know that you will never be able to hide the truth about YAH our Great Creator God again. You can slander us AmericAHn YAHdi with your religious and cultural slurs all you can on the web but know that the real Truth Seekers will examine the real evidence carefully and make their own decision. Yes Shatan plays dirty but the Original Word of El YAH can never again be hidden for long! Tremble in terror you religious tyrants! The Freedom lovin AmericAHn YAHdi have returned! Earth will worship gods of murder, slavery, sexism, genocide, tyranny and racism no more!

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