The Way to Eternal Life

In December 2001, a small group of us YAHdi believer’s were protecting 1200 terrorist-targeted orphan’s surrounding by Al Qaeda in the foothills of the Himalaya’s. We had no food, heat, sat phone or blankets. God saved us by a series of miracles. Through some anointed teenage YAHUWdi orphans, He also gave us His Eternal Name, hidden by scholars, priests and translators for 500 years now!

We then confirmed in the Original Scriptures manuscripts that -YAHUWAH is indeed the Creator God and Resurrected Savior of the Original Scriptures for whom we have sought so long! YAHUWAH is our God, Creator, Redeemer and Savior! We now teach solely out of The Original Scriptures (BibliYA). Also, these Original Scriptures taught us that the main meaning of the Eternal saving Name of our Savior is His Pure Character Presence! Then comes His Power! YAHUW-the-King, -the-MessiYAH, or ChristUW is an awesome loving God eager to intimately saturate our lives and fill us with Himself.

YAHUWshua our Savior stated “I carry My Father’s Name but the pagan nations (king’s slave religions) will not receive me. When another (Savior) comes, him they will receive.” The first Catholics invented “YeaSus” (Yea Sus) and “Ye-Sus” (Ye is Sus) combining Nimrod’s god “Ye” with the popular Greek god Sus. Sus was chief among the sungods of Constantine’s Empire Slave Religion. His birthday was the pagan festival “Saturnalius” on Dec 25, same as JeSus today. In 1534, the Catholic Empire’s guarddog Jesuits massaged the savior-god “Ye-Sus” (which the Protestants rejected) to “Je-Sus” and sold this new “JeSus” to the Protestants through their minion and traitor spy Erasmus. Yet see YAHUWcanon 5:43, (Catholic name John 5:43), that God the Father, the Son and the Eternal Spirit all have the same Eternal Saving Name! That Name is YAHUWAH!

The United Bible Society 4th Edition of the Greek New Testament 1968 which is used in most seminaries and Bible schools today , uses the Holy Catholic Empire phrase “Christos Iesous” (“Ye is Sous”) but this takes away YAHUW, our Savior’s Eternal Saving Name. Every Holy Bible blasphemes God’s Name and changes His Character in their translations, inserting the pagan title “LORD” and taking out YAHUWAH and using the Jewish-Babylonian gods of murder, polygamy, slavery, stealing, genocide and divine right of kings to rule. As you can see, this “takes away” from God’s Eternal Perfect Word! This is the worse sin anyone can do. taking your name out of the Book of Life (Rev 22:19).

Only the Christian scholars and some pastors have known this up to now. So why are “the Holy Bible scholars” still blaspheming God’s Original BibliYA?

  1. Satan, kings and human rulers hate the Freedom giving Name of YAHUWAH! Scholars usually work for one of the “Slave Religions” which pays them to avoid answering straight questions like the YAHdi ask.
  2. Acts 4:12 states “For there is NO OTHER NAME (Character of God) given among men, under heaven, by which we can be saved!” Salvation comes to us by Calling upon the Name (True Character) of YAHUWAH! “For whosoever shall call upon the Name of YAHUWAH shall be saved” Acts 2:21. YAHUWAH’s Name (True Character) saves us from death and to Eternal Life with God! Faith in man’s Holy Bible slave deception will lead you to destruction and eternal death. Don’t chance another day friend. Repent of the Lord god and confess the Covenant of Life in YAHUWAH right now! Don’t wait another minute!

 So what does it mean to “Call upon the Name of YAHUWAH?”

  • Believing in the true Name of YAHUWAH is having faith in the True Character of YAHUWAH the Eternal Christ. His Loving Character reflects YAHUWAH our Father’s true Character! As long as you believe in and testify to a murdering, unfaithful, stealing, lying, contradicting and Covenant-breaking god (like Yeshua, YeSus, JeSus, YeaSus, Yeho-vah, the “Lord god” or even Yahweh), you are worshipping a mass murderer of women and children!
  • YAHUWAH doesn’t want you using His Pure Loving Righteous Name if you confess and believe in a Babylonian, Jewish or Assyrian pagan god who murders, steals, enslaves, passes on sins to children or belittles women! You will blaspheme His Name if you do, which will send you to eternal death.
  • YAHUW the Savior was consistent voluntary love in full freedom from the heart. The Jewish scribes (translators of the Holy Bible) and rabbis (pastors, teachers) changed many of the Original Scriptures to support the religious Satanic lie that God appoints kings and lords to rule over men, women and nations. The 1st and 2nd of the Ten + Two Commandments (Gods Eternal Covenant) tell us to get out of all houses of bondage (poverty, ignorance, forced servitude, slavery) and to never bow before any men or idols. We are to bow before YAHUWAH alone. We cannot Call upon the Name of YAHUWAH until we believe in His true Character of Eternal Love, as defined in the Covenant and by YAHUW the ChristUW. This is why we must first REPENT of breaking YAH’s Ten + Two Love Commandments before we can believe in the true Character of God in Christ.
  • The Name of YAHUWAH is also the authority of God. When we Call upon YAHUWAH, we literally are given the right to God’s authority over sin, sickness, the demons, death and even Satan himself. It is very important that you understand fully His Eternal Love before you weld such awesome authority!
  • Verbally calling upon (worshipping) the Name of YAHUWAH forgives you of all your sin and opens the door for YAHUWAH the MessiYAH (the ChristUW) to enter your life as YAHUWAH the Eternal Spirit of YAH, and save you into His Forever Family. Acts 10:43 states “All the prophets testify that, for those who believe (in the true Character of ChristUW/God), through His Name we have forgiveness of sin.” 140 prophets all testify to YAHUW, without exception! Not one prophet testified to “YeSus, YeaSus or JeSus!” You will go through four stages, a God-Seeker, a YAHdi, a YAHUWdi and finally then become a full “YAHUWAHn,” a full Scriptural believer who is called after YAHUWAH’s Name (II Chron 7:14).
  • “Calling on His Name” is present tense. It is continual. Endurance in Calling is essential to salvation. Many will call for a short time but then persecution will run them off because they have “no depth” to their faith. However, everyone who steadfastly Calls upon the Name of YAHUWAH, shall surely be saved! His Name will keep us from falling away!

A Brief Summary of Scriptural Salvation

The marvelous recent “Lightning of the Dawn (first Shining of the Great Awakening)” -MatithYAHUW/MtY 24:27- of YAHUWAH our God, Creator, Redeemer and Eternal Savior (YAHUWshua=“YAHUW-saves”) the King, is an enormous blessing to those seeking to love and to know God with all their heart, mind and resources and to the true Body of ChristUW! The Presence (Spirit) of God is beginning to be poured out upon all flesh!” Truly, the “Latter Days”, also called “The Great Awakening” of the Kingdom of God has begun as we are seeing the beginning “the sign of YAonAH” (YA leads you to believe His Love) taking place in the West now as it has been for fourteen years in the East.

Acts 2 lists seven signs of “The Latter Days”. The greatest of these signs of “The Latter Days” is the seventh sign (Acts 2:21 quoting YAoel-Joel 2:32) “And whosoever shall call upon the Name of YAHUWAH shall be saved.” This is repeated by PetUWr in Acts 2:38 “be immersed (saturated in) in the Name of YAHUWAH our King (ChristUW) for the remission of sins.” The great Servant of YAsarel PaUWl states in Romans 10:9-10 “If you proclaim that YAHUW the Savior is your Master and believe in your heart that YAHUWAH your God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved….for with the mouth, confession is made unto salvation.”

2) YAHUWAH is also confirmed in Acts 10:43 “All the prophets testify that through His Name whosoever believes on Him shall have forgiveness of sins.” The very name of the most quoted prophet by Christ confirms this. YeshaYAHUW (“Isaiah”) means “Salvation is YAHUW”! It was corrupted to “Isaiah” by the radically anti-YAHUWAHn Catholic Circe (Church) seeking to substitute the name of IESUS (“EeZus or YeaSus”) Christos for the Scriptural Saving “YAHUWAH our Eternal King” (MeoshiYAH, ChristUW). The chief prophet of the “First Covenant” is directly in line with the original teachings of YAHUWsha the King (ChristUW). “YAHUWshua” means “YAHUW-saves”, the reverse of YeshaYAHUW’s name! “There is no other name given among men, under the heavens, by which a person may be saved” (Acts 4:12).  Based upon the Great Original Eternal Scriptures, that Name is “YAHUWAH”, the Eternal “Name of The Father, The Son and The Eternal Spirit” (MatithYAHUW 28:18-19)! That gives those who truly love our Savior, The Eternal Scriptures and God our Father, the Eternal Blessing of Himself, His Presence, His Truth, His Authority and His Power! The primary meaning of “in the Name of YAHUWAH the King” is “PerShem (Per-son), Presence, Authority and Spirit of YAHUWAH as King (over all the Heavens and Earth)!

3) The YAdi word “Per-Shem” (per-name) is where we get the English word “per-son”. His Name is “YAHUWAH Himself!” Therefore, the forgiveness of sins comes from “repent and be saturated in the Spirit of YAHUWAH” (Acts 2:38).  Christianity today has a huge “knowledge problem” which is perpetuated by a 1800 year old love of culture over God (MtYAHUW 24, Rom 1, II Thes, Rev 2-3)! Even though the Names of Iesus, Issa, Esu, Yesu, Yesus, Yeshua, Hesus, Lord, God, Jehovah and Yahweh were the only names of our Savior or Father God during the Great Tribulation, they are not “the Name above all names”. There is no salvation, as most of us were taught, in Yesu, Yeshua, He’sus,’ the Lord god or Jesus name! These are names given our Savior by liars after the Original Scriptures were written, which in turn is based upon the Hebrew common name “Yeshua” which was substituted for YAHUWAH during the time of Nimrod’s Aramaic Slave Empire. Many seeming miraculous works in “the Lord god names” have only served to deceive the naive slaves and commoners. Yet, only YAHUWAH saves!

4) This means everybody who “has received Christ” or “trusted in Jesus name” is still headed for eternal death and does not know YAHUWAH the God of Love! We are not to judge who is truly saved and who is not! Only YAHUWAH knows who has truly “repented and been immersed in, saturated in” in His Name (Spirit) as King of their lives but we do know that those who have never heard the true “Godspel” (God’s story) cannot be saved (Rom 10)! You have to first hear the true Character and Name of YAHUWAH your God and Savior, repent of false gods and then believe in YAHUWAH (and His Covenant of Life)!

The “field is full of wheat and tares.” Saying “Jesus is Lord” is not “being saturated in the Name of YAHUWAH”! Merely saying “YAHUWAH save me” does not “save you”!

“Calling upon the Name of YAHUWAH” means to worship YAHUWAH with your all your heart, mind and resources. The truly saved have all followed Acts 2:38. They have repented specifically of breaking the 10 Commandments, the Double Love Commandments and YAHUWsha’s new Commandment and been “saturated in YAHUWAH’s Name” by His Presence, His Spirit by “calling upon the Name of YAHUWAH for the remission of sins.”  

The real difficulty of being a YAH-God of Love believer while you worship in the Circe (Church) is that the Church worships Nimrod’s Jewish god Ye (JeSus, YeSus) who murders, steals and enslaves, right? How can you repent of breaking The First Commandment; “I am YAHUWAH your God. Get out of Misery. Get out of the houses of slavery! Have no pagan enslaving gods before your face! Live free!” (Shemoth/Ex 20) when you were worshipping these pagan gods constantly before your face? Doesn’t the Church worship the false child murdering gods of “the Lord god,” “sexgod Easter,” “Jesus/Yesus” and “Jeho-vah”? These are pagan demonic gods, as are their pagan festivals of Christmas (Saturnalius), Easter (fertility bunnies and eggs), Cupid’s Valentine’s day, Halloween, “All Saints Day”, Santa Claus, Mai Day, Janis, Febri, Mars, Aprili, Mai, Juni, Lord Julius Caesar and Lord Augustus Caesar. We also were taught to honor pagan gods on all seven of our days of the week and the first eight months of the year! All these filthy gods murder women and children!Quit honoring enslaving gods! How can the loving Spirit of God be in the same Christian Church which tortured 106 million souls during the Inquisition? The Christian Church has supported slavery, the divine right of kings to rule over us, genocide, civil war and belittled women, all being “led by the Spirit of the Lord Jesus!”

 All these false pagan gods were honored, preached and taught as “a package deal” by the Catholic Circe for 1290 years (321-1611) and reformed only slightly by The Catholic and Protestant Church today. True or not? We did not see these pagan gods propagated by the Church because the Church worships these gods! Even today, no one preached the true Gospel found in The Original Scriptures. That was because, until 2001 AD, no preacher or person on earth that the internet knows loved God or the truth enough to go to The Original Scriptures, dig out the truth and then, in spite of almost universal persecution, start preaching it! 

One missionary of YAH, who was in the beginning of the Great Shining in the East (2001-09), returned to the West and started preaching YAH’s Truth in 2002. YAHUWAH is salvation was largely unknown in America and the West. Friends, don’t be deceived any longer! YAHUWAH is the only Almighty God in the universe. He is a loving father to His children. He is the author of all things good. YAH alone can give you Eternal Life!  In ages past, we did not know His true Commandments nor His true Name, yet He revealed Himself in many ways to those of you sincerely seeking Him, giving you clues, miracles and signs even if when your seeking was not with all your heart!

Some will ask “But isn’t Jesus and YAHUW the same person, just different names?” Even if it were possible for someone to “be saved” without knowing YAHUWAH’s true Character and true Name in worship, anyone who was truly saturated in the Person or Spirit of YAHUWAH our true ChristUW, would they not immediately receive the testimony of YAHUWAH The Eternal Spirit living within them that YAHUWAH is their true Savior? They would never deny His Eternal Name when it is preached to them, like the Church leaders do today!

Only the “wolves in sheep clothing”, the false prophets, “merchants of religion” and “the lawless ones” could ever deny YAHUWAH after hearing Him preached clearly! “His sheep know His Voice!” Any truly “saturated believer” will either “just know it” from the witness of the Seven Guides within their heart or will immediately realize the importance of the questions, study it in Scripture, confirm it in prayer, repent of breaking the first three or four Commandments (which they had never heard before) and then begin to “Call upon YAHUWAH!” Everyone can “just know” that the contradictions in the Jewish Holy Bible are just wrong. Follow the Super 7 Guides in your heart! They will lead you to The Eternal Word of YAH. It will lead you to your true Savior and Eternal Life in YAsarel!

 5) The Yeshua-Yeshu-Yesu-Yesus-Jesus Church Interpolation. Most primary scholars and Bible dictionaries try to legitimize “Jesus” by tracing “Jesus” and the Catholic “IESUS” back to the Hebrew common noun “Yeshua” which means “salvation” in AbrAHUW and EbraYA (Aramaic). Yet they ignore YAHUWAH in the Original  Scriptures! Why? They do this trying to make a legitimate heritage through the popular Catholic/Protestant “IESUS/Yesus/Hesus/Jesus” in order to legitimate the Catholic substitution of “IESUS” (“EeSus”). They miss YAHUWAH entirely because it is impossible to trace EeSus from the Scriptural “YAHUWAH” or even the popular but corrupted Jewish “Yahweh”.

There are two three huge evidences against “Yeshua” being our Savior’s Eternal Name;

1) “Yeshua” is never written as Christ’s Name in any of the 5700 Greek, EbraYA, Syriac, Coptic or AbrAHUW early NT texts,

2) The Name given to ChristUW is the same as God the Father’s (YeshaYAHUW 9, MatithYAHUW (cn-Matthew) 23:39, YAHUWcanon (cn-“Yohannes”, “John”) 5:43, 17:11, 17:12, Acts 2:21, 2:36, 4:12, 10:43, Rom 10:9-15, Phil 2:9, Rev 3:12, 14:1, 22:4). The Father’s Name is clearly “YAHUWAH”, 7777 times in the Scripture. The Savior’s Eternal Name is also “The Name above all names” (Acts 2:21, 10:43, Rom 10:13, Phil 2:9),

3) The Name of God is unique, Saving and Eternal. YAHUWAH shares it with no other (YeshaYAHUW/Is 42:8). How can any common Hebrew noun be “The Name Above All Names”? This is “stinkin scholar thinking” at best.

Thus, there is no basis for Yeshua being Christ’s saving Name. He is our “salvation” but His Name was trillions of years before even YAHdi, AbrAHUW, EbraYA, Aramaic, Hebrew, Greek or any other human language! The persecution upon those confessing “YAHUWAH is our salvation” might have caused some believer’s to adopt the code title name “Yeshua” for ChristUW but when it “covers over” YAHUWAH’s Eternal Name it is the worst of all sin. The name of the Son of Man, the Prophet and our Savior before His Resurrection was “YAHUWsha”. After His Resurrection, God the Father “highly exalted Him and gave Him again ‘The Name above all names’ that at the Name of YAHUWAH, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that YAHUWAH is God”. This is “The Glory” He prayed to The Father to return to him in YAHUWcanon 17:5 “which we had together before the world began.” This is YAHUWsha’s “New Name” in Rev 3:12, the same Eternal Name of God His Father.


6) The religious pluralism of the Holy Roman Empire was threatening to tear the Roman Empire apart. They had too many gods. Unity was desperately needed to rejoin the great Slave Empire! Caesar Augustus had declared himself “Christos” “the anointed king”. His son Julius Caesar had followed suit. Both claimed they were “sons of Sus” (also spelled both “Sus” and “Zeus”), the chief Sun-god of the Greeks and many Romans. Diocletian and Hadrian also built this “Emperor faith”. Yet by 305 AD, not many subjects of Rome believed this any more. The small “cult” called by some as YAHdi, by others as “ChristiYAns” had now grown to almost one third of the subjects of Rome! Former Emperor’s had persecuted them off and on for 250 years now and still they continued to grow! Well, if you can not beat them, then join and try to lead them!

Constantine, instead of continuing the expensive persecution of the Christians, declared “religious freedom” (temporarily) for all in 313 AD and declared himself a “Christianos”, a follower of “the King”!  “The King” for Constantine was “The Universal Circe” (Church, circus, sorcery, seance) which he created and of which he became the self appointed King (“Papa”, later called “Pope”). In actual fact, he remained a Sun-god worshiper all his life! His Arch, still standing in Rome today, built in 315 is loaded with Sun god images but not one single Christian symbol, verse or phrase! Constantine’s coins all portrayed him as zealous Sun-god worshiper!

7) A huge problem had developed. One third of the Roman Empire were Sus (Zeus, the Greek/Roman chief Sun-god) worshipers, one third were various other Sun-god folk (Sun, Moon, Tues, Wooten, Thor, Frigga, Saturn etc), and one third were Christians of some stripe. By this time, Christians were themselves already divided into two main divisions, those who still called upon YAHUWAH-the Savior and those “more modern” believer’s who were Roman/Greek synthesizers interested in being saved but waned to do business without persecution and disfavor. Therefore, they and their pastors/bishops had long been substituting “Kurios” , “Theos” and “Dominus” for YAHUWAH. Rome had already fought several centuries of expensive persecution against the Christian “YAHUWdaizers”.